5 Amazing National Parks in the United States

There is no doubt that the United States has plenty of undamaged sites and corners. Pure nature and greenery is really a major tourist attraction for people. It attracts a lot of travelers and visitors so that they can explore the beauty of this world. The USA is known for its beautiful national parks, canyons, forests, and mountains. Whether you are planning your trip with family or friends, then choosing these national parks are truly a wise decision. These national parks offer a range of activities to their visitors in order to make their tour unforgettable. With the backing of, you can pick Etihad offer code and insert at the ticket counter for receiving an insane discount on flight expenditures. It is a wonderful opportunity for travelers and explorers because they can travel to any country without breaking their budget. So, are you ready to visit these national parks? Check out the most staggering national parks that are waiting for you in the US.

Zion National Park:

This national park is founded in Utah and provides plenty of incredible sites and fun activities. From Subway to Zion Canyon, Angels Landing, and Kanarra Creek, these are some of the most popular spots of this national park. It offers various activities like hiking, climbing, canyoneering, and horseback riding. This natural wonder of the USA is one of the most gorgeous and unspoiled parks.

Grand Canyon National Park:

It is surrounded by the Colorado River and the biggest canyon in the world. The history of this canyon is very old and one of the major tourist attractions. Whether you are going with your family or friends, it is a must-visit spot for you. It has several gorges and caves that attract wonderers. For outdoor activities, it is a perfect place.

Yosemite National Park:

This is considered as the most exciting national park in the US. It boats a variety of natural wonders, fabulous views, and sacred places. It is a heaven for adventurous people because they can do hiking, camping, and climbing in this park. This magical park is really awesome and beautiful. Take advantage of Etihad offer code which is waiting for you at and book your flight immediately at nominal rate.

Yellowstone Park:

If you love hot springs, then this national park is best for you. It has colorful ponds and boiling water springs. Recently, this park witnessed the dramatic steam which is coming from the land of this national park. Don’t ignore this site at any rate if you like some thrilling and challenging activities. What are you waiting for?

Grand Teton National Park:

It is an important part of Rocky Mountains and really picturesque. It is filled with various natural wonders such as flowers, trees, fresh water, and much more. Save big money on the booking of flights with the utilization of Etihad offer code. Users can grab this stunning deal from where thousands of deals and reasonable offers are present.

Travel & Leisure

Why 2021 Spring Is The Best Time For Garden Tours?

Most people go for tours and trips to their favorite destinations during breaks. There is an endless list of destinations that may be visited by you in the upcoming spring. In this respect, garden tours are also becoming increasingly popular amongst large numbers of people worldwide. People definitely love watching varieties of plants and flowers and other natural scenarios in some of the renowned gardens around. At the same time, they also visit the famous tourist spots in and around the gardens. The upcoming 2021 spring seems to be the best time for garden tours for a number of reasons as explained below.:-

Natural beauty at its best

It is perhaps one of the most important and evident reasons in the list that make spring the best time for English Garden Tours for anyone. It is because natural beauty is going to be at its best with the arrival of the spring season. What more can be expected from any of the garden tours in different parts of the globe by the prospective visitors!

Flowers in full bloom 

During spring, the flowers are in full bloom. You can watch varieties of flowers blooming around. Lovely flowers of vivid colors and smells are surely going to keep captivated in the garden for hours long. People of all age groups and genders love beautiful flowers. 

Enjoy greenery all around 

Again it is one of the major reasons that make spring the best time for garden tours. You can enjoy greenery all around and hence feel refreshed and revitalized. Greenery certainly has a positive impact on your mind and body. 

Experience natural phenomenon closely 

If you are a hardcore nature lover, you must certainly plan your garden tours during the spring season. You may experience natural phenomenon quite closely as numbers of natural things happen during this season. 

Get pleasure from warmth in weather 

After prolonged winters, you can enjoy the warmth in the weather during the spring season. You may have got irritated by the chilling winters for so many months at a stretch. To get rid of this feeling, you may prefer to go for garden tours during the spring season and enjoy the warmth in the atmosphere.

Get refreshed after prolonged lockdown 

One of the most evident reasons in the list that makes spring the best time for garden tours is that you may get refreshed after a prolonged lockdown. What more can be a better way than to feel close vicinity to nature in order to say no to the boredom created due to pandemics!

These are all some of the key reasons in the list that make 2021 spring the best time for garden tours. You may feel and enjoy the freshness in the environment that helps in revitalizing your mind and spirit. 

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Facts You Need To Know About Hilton Head Airport

Hilton Head Airport (HHH) started its operations in 1967. It is the preferred landing destination for private aircraft and is also the connection to flights headed to Charlotte. It recently received a runway expansion that enables it to serve direct flights to major cities all over the USA.

On that note, here are some interesting facts that you need to know about the airport:-

Its location

The Hilton Airport is located on the North end of the namesake island.

It sits 10-minutes away from Palmetto Dunes, 15-minutes away from Sea Pines, 25-minutes away from Bluffton, and 45-minutes away from Montage Palmetto Bluff.

Which is better HHH or the Savannah Airport?

Well, Hilton Airport is a bit smaller than the Savannah Airport. Furthermore, the parking space is limited at HHH and smaller compared to the Savannah airport. But the best part; one would not need to worry about it given one pre-books their space online before arriving.

Please note that –

The Hilton Head Island Airport (HHH) and SAV (Savannah/Hilton Head Island International Airport) are different airports and should not be confused as to be one. On top of this, Savannah/Hilton Head Island International Airport is 45 miles away from the island’s resorts and beaches. Hilton Head Island Airport on the other hand is mere minutes away from the open waters.

Are shuttle services available here?

Well, the bad news is although there are plenty of hotels on the island; none of them provide shuttle services to their guests to and from the airport. This is the reason why if one is planning to visit the island, they would need to make arrangements for their own transport which could be in the form of rental cars or a taxi from the airport.

Rental car agencies are mere feet away from the main building of the airport and in case one wants to take a cab, well, they line up in front of the airport as well.

Our long term parking services available at the airport? What are the things that one should know?

Well, yes, one can avail long term parking services at this airport. However, there is only one parking lot and it is run on a prepaid basis. The charges are $10/day.

One would need to use automated parking machine kiosks that are located outside of the airport’s middle terminal entrance. In case one wants to purchase their long term parking ticket, they would need to provide their license plate number.

Note –

One can park their car in this parking lot for free but only for the first two hours.

Apart from the facts mentioned above, be sure to keep in mind that the airport has food stalls but they are mere ‘pick me ups’ which is why, if one is famished, they would need to head on over to any one of the amazing restaurants located in proximity to the airport. For more details, feel free to get in touch with the airport authorities or seek assistance from a renowned travel agent.