Find The Natural Destination With The Cheapest Hotel In Malang


Malang is one of the city located in east  Java Indonesia. Malang is famous as education city. It’s Cause there are many big and famous  universities, like Brawijaya university, Malang state university, Muhamadiyah malang university, and others. Not only famous as the education city,  but also has become known as a tourist destination. If you want a vacation in Malang, we will give you some alternatives cheap hotel in malang that will definitely be useful to you while on vacation here. It’s the cheapest one, so you not to worry anymore.

Actually, there are many interesting tourism objects in Malang. From  nature tourism objects such as  the mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and others. Artificial tourism object  in Malang also quite popular, educational tourism, ecotourism is also there. In Malang there are several heritage sites singosari royal in the past. That know from historical heritage by Singosari temple, Sumber awan temple as well as a Kendedes bathing place and Watugede bathing place. Not only that, there are several other temples located in Malang. Batu Town is a tourism city that many visitors visit during the holidays arrive. A lot of tourists from Malang regions or from out of town who come to spend their holiday there. Now there’s even a few foreign tourists who touring in Malang. This is not surprising, because now this Malang especially rock area is being developed into a national tourist destination and international scale. So the Indonesian people have more alternatives for destinations other than Bali, Jogjakarta, Lombok, and others. In order to achieve this Malang city government also seeks to improve facilities, transportation and accommodation in the Malang area. It is know  from many new hotels in the there, the  hotel is provides accommodation to the tourists.

While on vacation we would have to prepare a lot of things, from choosing a tourist destination, transportation, accommodation, food, as well as the costs required. In the Malang, there are a lot of the hotel with a class that is different from the regular hotel until a 2-star hotel to a 5-star hotel.  The classification is based on the completeness of the accommodation facilities provided in each hotel. For you who want to save money, you should choose a regular hotel like jasmine-class hotel. The room is not too extensive, but still comfortable to be a place to stay during the tour. Usually in budget hotels also provide facilities like breakfast, it depends on the rate charged. The rate is certainly very affordable and more efficient than having stayed in the star hotel. If you have more buget, it never hurts to stay in star hotels. 2-star hotel  or 3-star hotel in Malang is provided facilities and the accommodation was very satisfying for you who are traveling. The price offered is relatively more expensive but the facilities which you receive will make you satisfied. That’s a little review on the cheap hotels in Malang. Let’s enjoy in the natural and wonderful city.

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