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Top 5 tourist attractions to visit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong exhibits a different narrative under the influence of ancient Chinese culture. The city also has its own history, heritage and attitude independent from the mainland of China. Featuring an impressive skyline, Hong Kong is also known to be one of the most glamorous cities for luxury shopping. This city-state also has another side that would lure the nature lovers of the world to gather around. With its beautiful beaches, islands, trekking trails, lush greenery and forest-covered mountains, Hong Kong has become one of the best travel destinations in the entire world. At every corner of this city-state, you can find something new and unique.

Since I had not been to any foreign country, a trip to Hong Kong was always there in my mind. Foreign trips can be an expensive affair. Thus, I was never sure whether I could turn this thought into action. One day I was scrolling through my social media profile and saw a friend posting about his Hong Kong trip. So, without further ado, I started planning on my dream Hong Kong trip as well. After browsing through different travel websites I finally booked three flight tickets to Hong Kong from We (me & my parents) also decided to book accommodation at one of the luxury hotels in Hong Kong for a stay. After reaching Hong Kong city, we planned the next part of our trip. We made an itinerary of the signature places to visit during the Hong Kong trip. Below is a thorough overview of how we executed our trip.

Visited the Hong Kong Disneyland

The entrance of the Disneyland

On the first day, we visited Disneyland. Disneyland in Hong Kong is one of the most beloved theme parks on the entire globe. This theme park hosts a multitude of rides that you will not find in any other amusement park. Disneyland took me back to my childhood days where I could meet all my favourite cartoon characters. Not only that, the rides in the park are dedicated to the famous Disney movies. The park is divided into 7 lands that feature unique characters. We took a ride on the Jungle cruise and also visited Tarzan’s Treehouse. Apart from that, I also took a ride on the giant roller coaster which is one of the oldest rides of the theme park. Hong Kong Disneyland also hosts many performances and musicals in different lands which are worth watching. 

Witnessed the Tian Tan Buddha Statue

The low angle view of the Tian Tan Buddha Statue

After the Disneyland tour, we visited another iconic place in Hong Kong which is the Big Buddha. Nestled in Lantau Island’s Po Lin Monastery, Big Buddha is one of the largest statues in the world. Dedicated to Lord Buddha, this bronze statue is 34m high comprising 202 pieces. Set amidst green forests, this place offers spellbinding views of the azure blue waters and islands. We had to climb 268 steps to reach the summit of Big Buddha. From there, we witnessed the panoramic view of the entire Lantau Island. The place also features an exhibition hall which also features different aspects of Lord Buddha’s life. After touring the hall, we ate some dimsum from the street side stalls for dinner and headed back to the hotel. If you wish to come to Hong Kong then you must visit the epic Big Buddha for it will give you a memory of a lifetime. Remember to take your smartphone along so that you can click innumerable pictures atop this mighty statue of Lord Buddha. 

Explored the Star Ferry

Captivating view of the Star Ferry

We began the next day of our Hong Kong trip by heading to the Star Ferry. Dating back to 1880, Hong Kong’s Star Ferry is one of the ten most exciting ferry services in the world. Charging a few Hong Kong dollars, this ferry passenger service is the easiest mode to tour the Victoria Harbour which is another iconic location of this city-state. From the ferry, we witnessed the Victoria Harbour that houses ships of all shapes and sizes. The gentle breeze of the waters was so refreshing that I cannot describe it in words. If you want to witness the Victoria Harbour in an unusual way, you can take a Star Ferry ride just like we did and also catch the Symphony of Light show in Hong Kong in the evening.

Experienced the Hong Kong Skyline

Bird view of the Hong Kong Skyline

After an adrenaline-pumped ferry ride by the Star Ferries, we went to witness the most recognisable skylines of the world. Hong Kong is considered to be the home of skyscrapers. Combined with the surrounding green mountains, this collection of skyscrapers in both Hong Kong and Kowloon presents a photogenic view of the entire city-state. To witness the Hong Kong Skyline, we headed to Victoria Peak which is almost 552m above ground level. Also known as Mount Austin, this quaint little peak offers the most spectacular views of the city. You can also experience the Hong Kong skyline from the Kowloon Waterfront. This location also is the best place to see the Symphony of Lights show.

We finally completed our Hong Kong trip with an expansive shopping carnival from the various well-known markets. We also ate at some of the best Hong Kong restaurants including the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. This was my first foreign trip and I am definitely going to cherish it for the rest of my life. If you also want to go on a Hong Kong trip like us, book your air tickets and explore the various attractions that this gorgeous city-state beholds.

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Is Hongkong the Best Place to Visit in 2021?

Where do you plan to visit in 2021? We all know that 2020 was not an exciting year due to the global pandemic, and we had to give up on our travel plans. Right now, we are in a position to get back to setting our travel plans because many places around the world welcome tourists again. That is good news indeed for many travelers out there who were waiting for new adventures. So, I think Hongkong is the best tourist destination to visit when they welcome travelers in 2021.

It is not easy to choose a flight during a pandemic because many airports are not operating. Also, the safety measures, covid 19 prevention methods during the journey matters. I think for a comfortable and safe journey, Cathay Pacific would be a great choice. You can experience a world-class service by flying with Cathay Pacific.

Now let us see why Hongkong is the best place to visit in 2021 and the places to visit.

Why Hongkong is the best place to visit in 2021?

1. Multicultural City

Hongkong is a city mixed with Chinese customs and the western lifestyle. The unique culture of the city with colonial background makes it easy for everybody to visit there. The diverse cultures always make it relaxed for travelers who arrive from all over the world to get an exciting experience in Hongkong. You will not be in trouble trying to understand their language because many people speak English, and many major cities and places are named in English.

2. Delicious Cuisine

Hongkong is a city with a lot of local and international restaurants. You will be amazed by their cuisine. I would recommend you to taste their local dishes like fresh seafood and Dim sum.

3. Shopping Malls

Hongkong is a shopping paradise. If you are a fashionista, you will never come out of the shopping malls quickly because this city offers a unique shopping experience. Your shopping experience will not be limited to malls, but you will also shop in streets, traditional boutiques, and stores.

4. Breathtaking Views and Colorful Nights

You can enjoy spectacular views in Hongkong. Victoria Peak is a must-visit place for a breathtaking view. From there, you can have a bird’s eye view of the downtown of Hongkong. You do not have to climb up to experience a nice view. Every place in the city is amazing. The travelers never miss the night’s fun. Hongkong is the best city to try out new foods, drink, and walks at night. Many people take a night cruise at Victoria harbor at night. That is one thing you should try.

What are the best places to visit in Hongkong?

Now you know why Hongkong is worth visiting. Also, let’s see what are the must-visit places in the city.

1. Star Ferry

The famous Star Ferry is the most scenic route to cross Victoria Harbor. It is a 10 minutes crossing that gives you astonishing views of the famous skyline. I recommend you to try this at night to feel extra special with colorful lights and breeze.

2. Hongkong Observation Desk

If you love to collect amazing photographs of Hongkong city, you should never miss this place. You can see the city through the high-end telescope and enjoy a bird’s eye view. Most importantly, you can enjoy the skyline of Hongkong city. If you wonder how to climb there, don’t worry. You will be taken up by a high-speed elevator.

3. Madame Tussaud’s

There’s no more happiness than getting close to your favorite celebrity, sportsman, or politician in another country. This place is just for that. You can take pictures with the famous figures made of wax as real. It’s a great place to visit with your family. You can also take-home wax statues as souvenirs.

4. Wong Tai Sin Temple

It’s designed with amazing architectural concepts and decorations. It’s an example to show that modern religious believes. You don’t need to be a Buddhist to visit the temple. Though you are a Buddhist or not, you can get blessings to heal from sicknesses.

5. Hongkong Disneyland

Disneyland is the happiest place to visit with your family. It includes fantastic Disney characters and fun activities to do. It’s where the dreams are made. No matter you’re a grown adult, once in your life, you must visit Disneyland. You will be going back to your childhood and the inner child will come out for sure. Don’t forget to enjoy every moment there.

I hope this article will help you to confirm your decision of visiting Hongkong. Be safe and enjoy.

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Facts You Need To Know About Hilton Head Airport

Hilton Head Airport (HHH) started its operations in 1967. It is the preferred landing destination for private aircraft and is also the connection to flights headed to Charlotte. It recently received a runway expansion that enables it to serve direct flights to major cities all over the USA.

On that note, here are some interesting facts that you need to know about the airport:-

Its location

The Hilton Airport is located on the North end of the namesake island.

It sits 10-minutes away from Palmetto Dunes, 15-minutes away from Sea Pines, 25-minutes away from Bluffton, and 45-minutes away from Montage Palmetto Bluff.

Which is better HHH or the Savannah Airport?

Well, Hilton Airport is a bit smaller than the Savannah Airport. Furthermore, the parking space is limited at HHH and smaller compared to the Savannah airport. But the best part; one would not need to worry about it given one pre-books their space online before arriving.

Please note that –

The Hilton Head Island Airport (HHH) and SAV (Savannah/Hilton Head Island International Airport) are different airports and should not be confused as to be one. On top of this, Savannah/Hilton Head Island International Airport is 45 miles away from the island’s resorts and beaches. Hilton Head Island Airport on the other hand is mere minutes away from the open waters.

Are shuttle services available here?

Well, the bad news is although there are plenty of hotels on the island; none of them provide shuttle services to their guests to and from the airport. This is the reason why if one is planning to visit the island, they would need to make arrangements for their own transport which could be in the form of rental cars or a taxi from the airport.

Rental car agencies are mere feet away from the main building of the airport and in case one wants to take a cab, well, they line up in front of the airport as well.

Our long term parking services available at the airport? What are the things that one should know?

Well, yes, one can avail long term parking services at this airport. However, there is only one parking lot and it is run on a prepaid basis. The charges are $10/day.

One would need to use automated parking machine kiosks that are located outside of the airport’s middle terminal entrance. In case one wants to purchase their long term parking ticket, they would need to provide their license plate number.

Note –

One can park their car in this parking lot for free but only for the first two hours.

Apart from the facts mentioned above, be sure to keep in mind that the airport has food stalls but they are mere ‘pick me ups’ which is why, if one is famished, they would need to head on over to any one of the amazing restaurants located in proximity to the airport. For more details, feel free to get in touch with the airport authorities or seek assistance from a renowned travel agent.

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Traveling to France: Here are Preparation Tips

With historical museums, gourmet food, beautiful neighborhoods, and attractive countryside, it’s not hard to tell why France is one of the top tourist destinations. However, for a novice traveler, adjusting to the French culture and the language barrier can be overwhelming.

Nevertheless, do not fret. If you intend to travel to France for an extended holiday vacation, prior preparation will make your life easier. Below are some tips to keep in mind before boarding that plane (or ship) to France:

Learn the Language

While you may get people speaking English in several European nations, here in France, the French are proud of their language. English is not that popular. Therefore, it is advisable to learn the language. You can opt for classes if you have the time, or you can go to YouTube for a few video tutorials to guide you with the basics.

Learn About French Delicacies

Try and learn about what you will be putting in your mouth. Yes, there are delicious bakeries and authentic bistros in France. However, some things don’t translate literally, and the menu may end up confusing. Also, if you have food allergies, it will be a better precaution to learn about food composition rather than relying on the name or its elegant appearance.

Know the Entry Requirements

For EU citizens, they do not necessarily require a passport to travel to France. Also, the visa is exempted for 90 days. For non-EU citizens, especially from the U.S, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, Japan, Chile, and New Zealand, no visa is similarly required for a stay of up to 90 days (you can get further information here).

All travelers’ passports should have at least one blank page and valid for six months. While traveling, it is recommended to have comprehensive health insurance, though not mandatory. Also, there is a currency restriction for entry and exit. The maximum cash one can transit with is 10,000 Euros.

Watch and Read About French

When traveling to a foreign land, it would be a great courtesy to learn about the place history. You can start with documentaries or a short film. One of the best films that you can start with is a 2006 movie named “Paris, Je T’Aime.”

The multiple stories taking place are great pre-Paris educational content. Plus, the content is split between French and English. Also, if you prefer a book, try a non-fiction one that will give you an ideal context of what to expect.

Beware of Scams

While French has a charming little street, don’t let the charm of the streets make way into your hard-earned money. The large tourist population in France has led to tricksters. For instance, there is a ring Scam and street gambling scam.

For the ring fraud, a stranger would pretend to pick a gold ring. Then ask you if the ring is yours and offer it to you in exchange for money. Beware as that is nothing but a brass ring coated in gold paint. Also, don’t gamble on the street as you walk to get an up-close look of the city. They are organized to look legit and invite unsuspecting tourists to swindle them.

Wrap Up

France is a beautiful country, and the French are welcoming. France is huge, approximately the size of Texas. Try and explore the entire country and not just Paris. You can start by exploring Cote d’Azur and Provence regions.

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Visiting Beach Bars in Patong – What You Need to Know

Patong is one of the best places to visit if you are in Phuket. It is a beach resort town that’s situated on the west coast of Phuket Island, facing towards the Andaman Sea. This place is excellent for people who want to explore the beauty of Phuket. If you are interested in visiting Thailand and have plans to explore the many gorgeous places in this Southeastern paradise, you definitely need to visit Patong. The place is rife with plenty of bars, cafes, and restaurants. More importantly, there are a bunch of beach bars situated all around Patong. Here are a few things that you should know about visiting beach bars in the city.

What Are Beach Bars?

There are numerous bars spread throughout the coastline in Patong. If you are a fan of drinking and want to try some fantastic cocktails, you should definitely consider visiting beach bars. There are many Patong beach bars that you can visit in the area. It’s basically like an open bar where you can drink and just lounge around with friends and family members. The nightlife in Patong is popular all around the globe, so if you are in the area with a group of friends, you can just search online for different bars and then decide to visit.

Going to a Beach Bar

The reason why most people visit these bars is because they just want to let loose and relax for a while. The tropical climate, the sea breeze, and the relaxing environment make for a very welcoming environment. If you are planning to go to a beach bar, there’s no need to dress sharp. Wear a Hawaiian shirt, put on some shorts, and you are good to go! Thai hospitality is renowned all over, so you can expect friendly staff and smiling faces all around.

Doing Your Homework

If you really want to make the best of your visit to a beach bar, it’s a great idea to first check out the place. Many of the beach bars that are situated in Patong have now set up their websites where they provide detailed information about the bar, and a detailed menu. It’s a great idea to check the menu first to find out more details about the dishes and cocktails that are available at the beach bar.

The best thing about visiting these local bars is the fact that they are so affordable. Many of the cocktails and drinks that are offered at the bar are incredibly inexpensive, so you don’t need to worry about burning a hole through your wallet. You don’t need to worry about spending over the top at the bar. Patong is an excellent destination for people who want to explore the nightlife that this gorgeous location has to offer. There are plenty of massage parlors and cabarets as well, so there’s no shortage of activities that you can take part in.

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Things to do and places to visit in Iceland

Iceland is one of the northernmost countries in the world which is breathtakingly beautiful. This Nordic island is defined by its diverse landscape with volcanoes, geysers, lava fields, waterfalls, grasslands, hot springs, and dramatic landscape. The culture and traditions of this country are also vivid and lively, with friendly and bright people who welcome you to their small yet amazingly beautiful country. But travelling to the island is not so easy, and sometimes due to its remoteness, people overlook it as their potential tourism destination. However, this article will provide you with all the necessary travel advice that is needed to visit Iceland. So read on till the end and plan a trip to this dream destination to see some of the best nature’s marvel.

But before moving ahead with this Iceland travel guide, we will love to tell our readers more about visiting amazing places on earth. Read the blog The Crazy Travellers, and learn about places that are beautiful beyond the description of words. You can also find some travelling tips, information about places, and other important details on this amazing platform.

Iceland – what makes this place so special?

Before we discuss the best features of Iceland, we will find out why this place is so special. Iceland is home to some of the breathtakingly beautiful and unique landscapes on this planet. You can also witness some of the best natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights, or better known as the Aurora Borealis from certain places on this island country. There are also massive glaciers in the protected regions of Vatnajökull and Snæfellsjökull national parks. This country has the highest ratio of human awareness about environmental conservation. The capital city of Reykjavik is powered by eco-friendly geothermal energy. This country is one of the most well-preserved in the world, which makes it quite a spectacular place for everyone to visit.

The capital is also one of the best places in Iceland to visit and have a great time. It is an epicentre of Nordic culture and traditions. The modern side of this city is also quite attractive with a lot of landmarks to see, things to do, and an amazing opportunity to enjoy an exquisite nightlife. There are also some amazing museums and cultural centres that can tell a lot about the history of Iceland with a rich Viking history. There is also a unique therapy that you can treat yourself with. By taking a hot steam bath in a hot spring or a natural geyser.

There are a lot of reasons to visit Iceland, and more people are travelling each year to discover it completely. It has become a hotspot for travellers, and each year the number will increase. Known as the land of ice and fire has some of the best spots for tourism, which is why we want you to make it your next destination in your bucket list.

Things to do in Iceland

Just like we told you, Iceland has a lot to offer. You need to plan a full-fledged vacation to this country to get the best of it. Following are some of the best things you can do in this country. Make sure you visit these places and do these things for the best vacation you can treat yourself with.

Blue Lagoon

Located in south-west Iceland, Blue Lagoon is one of the largest geothermal spas. There is a lava field nearby, which is also the source of Blue Lagoon spring water. This place is one of the most visited places in Iceland. The water is also rich in minerals, which makes it healthy for the skin and overall health. Do visit it when you are visiting Iceland.


Þingvellir is a national park in Iceland near the capital city Reykjavik. This place is also a historic site, and there are some ruins of old stone shelters. The parliament of Iceland was located at this place from 10th to the 18th century. There are a lot of rock formations in the park formed by the separation of 2 tectonic plates. This place is astoundingly beautiful, so make sure it is on your list of places to see in Iceland.

The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is not actually a destination, but a route that we recommend every tourist to take. It covers about 300 kilometres from the capital Reykjavik to the southern moorlands and all the way back. This circuit has some of the best destinations, tourist attractions, and activities to do in Iceland. You can stop at Þingvellir National Park, Haukadalur which is a geothermal area comprising of geysers Geysir and Strokkur, and Gullfoss Waterfall. There is a lot of natural phenomenon in this place which we want our readers to explore.


Gullfoss is a waterfall which we discussed in the last point of the Golden Circle. But due to its immaculate beauty, we need to discuss it separately. This waterfall is one of the best natural spots in Iceland. Located in the Canyon of Hvítá River, this waterfall is 32 metres high. There are a lot of places to see this magnificent piece of nature. Do take a fully charged camera on this trip so that you can take a lot of pictures.


Jökulsárlón is a glacial pond near Vatnajökull National Park in south-eastern Iceland. There are a lot of icebergs in the blue waters of this lagoon. There is also a glacier in the premises known as Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier, which is a part of larger Vatnajökull Glacier. This place becomes home to hundreds of seals in winters. Another special spectacle about this place is that the water of this lagoon drains in the Atlantic Ocean, taking some pieces of ice with it. These pieces are left on the black sand beach, which is another sight to behold.

Mývatn Lake

Mývatn is a volcanic lake in northern Iceland. This place is known for its naturally heated lagoons which are rich in minerals. Taking a bath there is very good for your health and skin. The place is swarming with boiling mud pots and fumaroles along with some mountains surrounding the whole area. We highly recommend you to visit this place. But do try to hire a guide so that you may know how to explore it completely.


Snæfellsjökull is almost a 700,000-year-old glacier-capped stratovolcano in the western part of Iceland. This volcano is visible from some parts of the capital city of Reykjavik, which is 120 kilometres away. But even if you have seen it from far away, you need to visit it from its base. This mountain is also mentioned in the famous Jules Verne book, The Journey to the Centre of the Earth. If you have read that book, then visiting this place is a must.

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What Options For Staying Are Available At Captiva Island?

Captiva Island is a barrier island having long stretches of shores. The tourists can come here driving cars from the Gulf Coast; such is the ease of reach this island offers. Many options for staying are available at these islands, but it does leave you perplexed. So, here is a list of stay-ins that you can consider, according to your needs.

  1. Vacation rentals

Homes and condos maintained and serviced by the hospitality experts are ideal way of experiencing the Captiva Island in its natural form. The Captiva Island Rentals can be booked according to the group size you are travelling with. Many of the spots located besides the sea and with spacious gardens, balconies and terraces are worth considering when you are travelling with the family.

  1. Beach resorts

Living in community is liked by people who want to make new friends and are comfortable even in the company of strangers. There are timeshare basis cabins and rooms available in beach resorts that allow you having splendid fun in a budget. You can also enjoy multitude of relaxation services like spa, sea sports, sun-bathing, etc. while living in beach resorts.

  1. Inns

The inns are ideal choice for destination and beach weddings. The locations meant for such occasions of social importance offer huge repertoire of activities and services to indulge. You can have memorable time spent while marking the new beginnings in life at the beach side inns.

  1. Cottages

There are privately owned and managed cottages spread all over this small stretch of land. These cottages are beautifully built, supplied with all luxury amenities to let the guests have awesome time while their stay at Captiva Islands.

So, comfort and convenience never take backseat at Captiva Islands despite the fact that it is one of the remotest points. All types of options for staying helps you pick what is the best suitable for individuals as well as groups.

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Top Cities of South India You Must Explore

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Top Cities of South India You Must Explore

South India is rich with culture, traditions, art and history. For a traveller, this part of India is a stock room of unusual, impressive and elevating experiences.

Bounded by the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, a wide variety of plants and animals and two diverse mountain ranges, South India has everything a traveller could ask for.

For exploring, following is a list of the top 6 cities that must be on every voyager’s travel bucket list:

  1. Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam or Vizag is one of the best tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh. This port city is the largest in the city and spreads its glory on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. Vizag is the 10th largest in the list of Indian cities and is also the main commercial hub in terms of the oldest shipyard and cargo in India.

  1. Coorg

Popular as the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg is a hill station that imparts one of the most picturesque landscapes. It is a trending destination among locals and travellers alike. When in Coorg, you will witness scenic waterfalls, huge spice and coffee plantations, beautiful mountains, lakes and captivating trekking trails which are perfect for the adventurous souls. This place is a haven for nature lovers with its lush forests, a diverse variety of flora and fauna and a brilliant wildlife.

  1. Bengaluru

    Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru booms with life in every sense. Its classy ambience comprises of trendy cafes, beautiful gardens, museums, restaurants, nightclubs, temples and much more. When here do explore places like ISKCON temple, Sultan’s Summer Palace, Wonderla, Government museum, Bangalore Palace, Lal Bagh, commercial street and Cubbon park. You can travel further and explore Hyderabad from this city. Board a Bangalore to Hyderabad bus and conveniently reach to your next destination.

    4. Pondicherry (Puducherry)

    Popular as the ‘French Capital of India’, Puducherry was once colonized by the English, the Dutch and the French. This place is quite popular among history buffs, architecture lovers and travellers. The city showcases some of the best museums, churches and historic sites along with vibrant houses and cottages built in the colonial architecture. This place is a paradise for food lovers. With a number of fine-dining restaurants and beach facing cafes, a foodie will be spoilt for choice. These places serve local and international cuisine and an atmosphere which is serene, calm and quiet.

    5. Hyderabad

    Showcasing some of the most brilliant architecture in the country, Hyderabad is culturally and historically rich in every sense. Get lost through its historic streets, witness its architectural spectacles, indulge in their scrumptious cuisine and shop your heart out at this beautiful South Indian city. When here, visit places like Mecca Masjid, Golconda Fort, Chowmahalla Palace, 16th-century Charminar and Qutub Shahi Tombs. Also, don’t forget to try the local appetizing Awadhi cuisine. If you are travelling to this city from Bengaluru, check the Bangalore to Hyderabad bus ticket price and make your booking in advance.

    6. Ooty

    One of the most popular places in South India, Ooty is usually referred to as the ‘Queen of Hill stations’. It is lined with misty mountains, beautiful tea plantations, flourishing gardens, picturesque lakes and a number of colonial structures. It is a perfect place to explore if you are a history buff or a nature lover or an adventure junkie. Don’t miss visiting the Tea Museum for a complete experience.

Now that you have a list of places to visit in South India, don’t wait up! Book your tickets today!

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Exciting Day Trips from your Local Coach Operator

Your local coach hire company offers a lot of services to several sectors; they provide essential transport for school children and factory workers, as well as servicing the general public who require group transportation. Why you probably didn’t know is that the reviewed coach hire in Solihull also offers exciting and unique day trip outings, and here are just a few of their scheduled outings planned for 2019.

  • Forest of Dean Railway – This scenic country railway makes for a perfect family day out, with an authentic railway museum where you can experience old style trains and lifestyle. This trip would run from April to September and is a great day out for railway and nature enthusiasts alike.
  • The Malvern Spring Festival – May 9th-12th is this year’s Malvern Spring Festival, which is an amazing gardening experience, with many flowers in full bloom and a host of family-oriented activities. This event is for gardening enthusiasts and those who appreciate the sheer beauty of nature, and the cost would be per person and inclusive of all admission fees.
  • A Day at the Seaside – Weston-Super-Mare is just one of many coastal towns that make for a great day out for all the family, and the coach hire company take care of everything. With every weekend covered during the high season, there’s no shortage of great adventures at the beach.

There are many more day trips that you can book through your local coach operator, and the entire thing can be booked online, meaning you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your armchair.

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Our Favourite London Valentine’s Day Suggestions

London has long been a top destination for romantic breaks – and it’s easy to see why. Going for an evening stroll along the river while the bars and restaurants buzz? Yes, please. Taking in a world-class play? Searching for amazing finds at a colourful street market? Sign me up.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, plenty of couples will head to London for some glamour, buzz, and romance. If you’re among those lucky couples, here are some top tips for things to do on a lovers’ weekend in the city.

  1. Try a ‘scent-ual’ afternoon tea

Perfume is a classic romantic gift. Pair it with a favourite afternoon activity for couples, and you get Hotel Café Royal’s Diptyque afternoon tea. Breathe in the gorgeous scents for a truly evocative treat.

  1. Make yours a star-struck love

What could be more romantic than star-gazing this Valentine’s Eve? Head to the Peter Harris Planetarium and take a break from gazing into each other’s eyes by gazing up at the galaxy.

  1. Craft your own flowers

Anyone can pick up a £5 bouquet at the supermarket. Leave the crowd behind and create a gorgeous gift whilst sharing some quality time. Grace & Thorn let you put together your own terrarium – way cooler than that sad bunch of daisies.

If you’re not feeling crafty, why not drop in on the Festival of Orchids at Kew?

  1. Don’t scrimp on the chocolate

Okay, don’t be cliché, but don’t forget the classics altogether! Bring some chocolatey goodness to your Valentine’s weekend with Artisan du Chocolat, where you can tailor your treats to special diets and choose your own indulgence. Alternatively, head to Choccywoccydoodah’s London Parlour and sample delights behind a velvet curtain.

  1. Give in to your senses

Ever heard of Dans Le Noir? The suggestively named establishment has you dine completely in the dark, relying on your other senses to fully experience your meal.

  1. Pop-up the question

The Rivoli Ballroom has organised a special Valentine’s Day showing of Romeo and Juliet in a pop-up cinema. Watch the star-crossed lovers fall in love and take notes to avoid their mistakes.

  1. Get above it all

What could be more romantic than panoramic views of London? Sip champagne and soar above the crowds on the London Eye with their VIP Champagne experience, or maybe even splash out for a private Cupid’s Capsule.

If the London Eye isn’t for you, check out the Sky Garden and watch the sunset over the city.

  1. Keep things low-key

Prefer things a bit more down to earth? Head to the Doodle Bar and challenge your favourite person to a game of ping pong. Then, after your triumphant win, have fun doodling on the walls and sampling incredible street food.

To keep it simple but full of romance, go for a cosy romantic dinner and try out best Indian food in London or any other cuisine together.

  1. Party hard

Keep the mystery alive with the Valentine’s Party. Held at a secret location, the party promises a night of burlesque, theatre, and secret escape.

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