Top Cities of South India You Must Explore


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Top Cities of South India You Must Explore

South India is rich with culture, traditions, art and history. For a traveller, this part of India is a stock room of unusual, impressive and elevating experiences.

Bounded by the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, a wide variety of plants and animals and two diverse mountain ranges, South India has everything a traveller could ask for.

For exploring, following is a list of the top 6 cities that must be on every voyager’s travel bucket list:

  1. Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam or Vizag is one of the best tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh. This port city is the largest in the city and spreads its glory on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. Vizag is the 10th largest in the list of Indian cities and is also the main commercial hub in terms of the oldest shipyard and cargo in India.

  1. Coorg

Popular as the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg is a hill station that imparts one of the most picturesque landscapes. It is a trending destination among locals and travellers alike. When in Coorg, you will witness scenic waterfalls, huge spice and coffee plantations, beautiful mountains, lakes and captivating trekking trails which are perfect for the adventurous souls. This place is a haven for nature lovers with its lush forests, a diverse variety of flora and fauna and a brilliant wildlife.

  1. Bengaluru

    Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru booms with life in every sense. Its classy ambience comprises of trendy cafes, beautiful gardens, museums, restaurants, nightclubs, temples and much more. When here do explore places like ISKCON temple, Sultan’s Summer Palace, Wonderla, Government museum, Bangalore Palace, Lal Bagh, commercial street and Cubbon park. You can travel further and explore Hyderabad from this city. Board a Bangalore to Hyderabad bus and conveniently reach to your next destination.

    4. Pondicherry (Puducherry)

    Popular as the ‘French Capital of India’, Puducherry was once colonized by the English, the Dutch and the French. This place is quite popular among history buffs, architecture lovers and travellers. The city showcases some of the best museums, churches and historic sites along with vibrant houses and cottages built in the colonial architecture. This place is a paradise for food lovers. With a number of fine-dining restaurants and beach facing cafes, a foodie will be spoilt for choice. These places serve local and international cuisine and an atmosphere which is serene, calm and quiet.

    5. Hyderabad

    Showcasing some of the most brilliant architecture in the country, Hyderabad is culturally and historically rich in every sense. Get lost through its historic streets, witness its architectural spectacles, indulge in their scrumptious cuisine and shop your heart out at this beautiful South Indian city. When here, visit places like Mecca Masjid, Golconda Fort, Chowmahalla Palace, 16th-century Charminar and Qutub Shahi Tombs. Also, don’t forget to try the local appetizing Awadhi cuisine. If you are travelling to this city from Bengaluru, check the Bangalore to Hyderabad bus ticket price and make your booking in advance.

    6. Ooty

    One of the most popular places in South India, Ooty is usually referred to as the ‘Queen of Hill stations’. It is lined with misty mountains, beautiful tea plantations, flourishing gardens, picturesque lakes and a number of colonial structures. It is a perfect place to explore if you are a history buff or a nature lover or an adventure junkie. Don’t miss visiting the Tea Museum for a complete experience.

Now that you have a list of places to visit in South India, don’t wait up! Book your tickets today!

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