Top 5 Deserts In India You must visit


Deserts are wild and harsh places and most dramatically attractive natural landscape in the world. We love to explore, take photography and want to learn more about this mystical place. India had arid regions in southern part, western and northwestern part of the subcontinent. India had distinctive ecological communities which serves as a home of multiple desert biomes. India’s largest desert is ‘Thar’ which stretches from Rajasthan to Punjab and in the provinces of Pakistan. Desert often used for seeking relaxing vacations which can be calm and composed.

Here are the 5 deserts you must visit in India.

  1. Jaisalmer:

Jaisalmer is the Golden city of Rajasthan and is located close to the Thar desert. Gadiyar lake, Jaisalmer Fort and Jaisalmer desert festival are the major attractions of the city. It offers an authentic Rajasthani-style desert getaway. November and March are the best times to visit this place. You can go for camel safaris on sand dunes and camping. You should reach the destination through Palace on Wheels Rajasthan which is the most famous luxury train in the world.

  1. Spiti Valley Cold Desert:

This desert gets its name from the location ‘spiti’ which is a middle ground between Tibet and India. Spiti valley cold desert is located in Himachal Pradesh which witness rare wildlife like snow leopards. Spiti Valley is the most unexplored destination in Himachal Pradesh and is located in the higher altitude and contains beautiful Buddhist monasteries, spectacular views and Tibetan cuisine and culture. It is an amazing place for trekkers, bikers and hikers. As it is highly cold in winter, so the best time to visit this place is from May to October.

  1. Kutch or White Salt Desert:

It is well known as Great Rann of Kutch or White Rann which is one of the dustiest and hottest regions of India. It is located in Gujarat, western border with sind Desert in Pakistan and is extended up to 2,898 square miles. Average temperatures in winter ranges as high as 50 degrees Celsius and the winters are below the freezing temperatures.

You can experience the cultural richness and beauty of the white salt desert of Kutch located in Gujarat from November to February. You should not miss the places like kutch museum, kutch wildlife Sanctuary and Mandvi beach. Rann Mahostav and handicraft shopping are the best places you should not miss.

  1. Pushkar in Rajasthan:

Pushkar is the oldest cities and famous pilgrim town in Rajasthan and is devoted to Lord Brahma. You should visit the holy Hindu temples, enjoy Rajasthani cuisine and take a camel safari. The best celebrations here are Pushkar camel fair. Best time to visit is during November.

  1. Ladakh:

Ladakh is a cold desert which offers you with much-hyped road trips. Beautiful lakes, high-altitude passes and the spectacular landscapes will give you a lifetime memory. Khardung La pass, Pangong lake, the Disk and Ensa monasteries are the places you must visit here. May-August is the best time to visit and a road trip from Manali will give you awesome memories. Thupkas and Momos are famous dishes here.

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