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Top 7 Paris Sightseeing Tours

Who does not dream of going on a Paris tour? The city tops the list of holiday destination for many. Curated tours are one of the best means designed to assist you enjoy the richness of this place. Whether it is city tour, day tour or a dedicated tour, there are different types of tours that can be taken as per the preference of the visitor. We have compiled a list of top sightseeing tours in Paris to aid you in your trip.

Hop on and Hop Off Tour

This open tour makes it an affordable way for visitors by helping them save a lot of time and money. The tour is covered by buses that operate across three routes and thirty-four stops. The three routes include the white line, red line and blue line.

Blue line covers route that connects Louvre Museum, Orsay Museum, Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and a few more places. The white line covers Catacombs, Notre Dame Cathedral, Montparnasse tower, and some more.

Seine River Sightseeing Cruise and Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour

This tour is provided on a double decker bus with open top. This is an exciting way to experience this city without needing to worry about transport. There are 34 stoppages and boarding points.

Visitors can choose to view the attraction of their choice that includes the iconic Eiffel Tower, remarkable Champ Elysées, amazing Notre-Dame, etc. Along with sight-seeing at the best Seine River Cruise, you will also get an opportunity to embark on an hour cruise through the Seine River.

Versailles Priority Access

This is a full day guided tour that starts with strolling along the cobblestone lands and expands through the mesmerizing French gardens, and gorgeous Versailles fountains. Your guide will take you to the Castle entrance, from where you can easily get an entry to the Palace without standing in the long queue. There are several other things that can be explored, such as the lavish King and Queen’s state apartments, and the Hall of Mirror.

History and Treasures Tour

Along with relishing the enchanting view of Seine River, you can enjoy notable landmarks too during your cruise trip. This half day tour will touch several renowned locations in Paris to leave you spellbound. Some of them being Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the breathtaking Tuileries Gardens, Louvre and Champs-Elysées.

Montmartre Guided Walking Tour

This tour helps visitors explore the typical cobblestone streets and sharp vertical staircases in this distinctive area and uncover its history. You will learn a lot about the tradition, bohemian character and lifestyle of the storied neighborhood on this stunning three-hour walking tour.

Wine and Cheese Tasting Tour

In this tour, you will be taught about the different types of cheese and wine. You will be spending two hours with your guide in learning about the association of wine with a specific type of food by using your senses.

Latin Quarter Tour

This tour lets you walk through the famous Latin Quarters in Paris. This is followed by the Left Bank of Paris, the olden city of Lutecia, the University of Paris and other prominent sights like The Pantheon, the extensive Luxembourg Gardens, and the Shakespeare and Co Bookstore.


The above information will definitely help you find the best tour for your tour requirement.

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How To Prepare For a Trip to Havana in 2019

It’s fair to say that Cuba isn’t the easiest destination in the world to visit – not least because of the (thankfully ever-growing) number of airlines that fly to the Caribbean’s largest island. But don’t let that put you off visiting its incredible sights, including the capital, Havana! Keep our handy hints to mind and you’ll have no problem making dreams come true and heading to Havana, Cuba’s pride and joy!

  1. Sort out the paper work

This pretty much boils down to getting a visa, which is a quick and painless process for anyone visiting the island as a tourist (even if you hold a US passport). These visas are often called Cuban Tourist Cards, and are required by most nationalities. You can either organise this beforehand, by visiting a Cuban embassy, or for many nationalities. You’ll need a return air ticket to apply, so make sure you sort this first!

Some airlines include the Tourist Card in the cost of their tickets, so it’s worth doubling checking, while Cubana Air sells them from a special desk before check in. If you’re already in the region, such as Mexico, Central America, or other Caribbean nations, this is the usual process to follow, with booths at the airport.

American citizens will need to conform to one of 12 approved categories for travel, and will have to have a day to day schedule available.

  1. Take out all the money you need in hard currency

You can’t get Cuban currency abroad, and the country remains a society where cash is still king, so you should plan to take all the money you’ll need for your trip in hard currency, in other words US dollars, Euros, or British Pounds Sterling. Credit and debit cards, and cashless payments, are still some years away from entering the street level economy of the capital, though VISA branded cards do function in places that accept card payments.

Even if you’re coming from the United States, it’s definitely worth taking Euros or Pounds, since they offer a much better exchange rate to the Cuba Convertible Peso (CUC) you’ll be using as a visitor than the rates (and extra fees) slapped on any waving dollars around. If you’re travelling as part of an organised tour, we would recommend having access to around US$60 per day for expendables such as drinks, souvenirs, and tips, though budget travellers can survive on a lot less.

  1. Consider how you want to travel

With independent travel in its infancy (and public transport on the island leaving a lot to be desired) we’d recommend opting for an organised tour for at least part of your time in Havana. They not only take all the hassle out of organising transport and accommodation, but using local guides means they have inside knowledge you won’t have on your own. Long gone are the days of massive tour groups looking out of place. There are some great companies using not only local talent but also keeping group numbers as small as possible on tailor-made tours in Havana. With limited internet access on the island, you’ll want to organise this before you leave home.

  1. Print off any paperwork you might need!

As we’ve already said, Havana has limited internet access compared to just about anywhere else on the planet. As a result, you need to ensure you print off any paperwork you might need (flight details, insurance documentation, and accommodation addresses for instance) before arriving onto the island.

Also remember you won’t be able to rely on internet-based mapping apps to get about, so consider an offline version such as, or print these off too! With that extra paperwork in hand you’ll want to travel light. The capital’s temperate climate means you won’t need lots of thick and heavy items of clothing. Travelling light will also stop you struggling up Cuba’s staircases and narrow passages with heavy wheelie bags or suitcases.

Who knew it was so easy to prepare for a trip to Havana in 2019? Beginning this article you might have thought it was more hassle than it was worth, but having reached the end we hope you can now see a little organisation before departure means more time to enjoy your time in this unique destination.

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Fun Winter Destinations For Seniors

Winter is a special time of year when the American roadways are full of unique sights, crisp air, and many different varied regions ripe for exploring. For seniors looking to hit the road during the cold months, there are a variety of regions that are perfect for exploring at this time of year to set out in your camper rental to enjoy. If you have some time in November and are looking to take a road trip, then check out these great places to visit for seniors during this special time of year.

New England

In the winter, hundreds of travelers load up their campers and make for the unique and wondrous expanse of New England. Encompassing a wide range of states from New York to Maine, New England is one of the most diverse areas in the country offering an incredibly wide range of sights and experiences. This area is particularly gorgeous in the early winter when the leaves turn on the trees. Heavy pine forests, lake regions, mountain ranges, meadows, and dozens of quant towns dot this landscape, making for the perfect winter road trip adventure. You can drive in any direction and be sure to come across a region, town, or activity that will catch your fancy. Even in the winter this area can be inviting, offering a cozy vibe that seniors will love. Just make sure to pack plenty of warm clothes and prepare for bad weather should you hit up New England in the winter months.

The Pacific Northwest

You make a mistake if you think of the Pacific Northwest as a rainy, gloomy destination. As a matter of fact, this area offers all of the perfect ingredients needed for an epic road trip. First off you have terrific scenery and a truly unique terrain unmatched by any other location in the country. The miles of undeveloped coastline are a beautiful thing to behold, as are the vast forests and impressive mountain ranges. You also have two of the most lively and hip cities in the nation, Portland and Seattle, making for the perfect cross section of urban charms and rustic bliss. Plus, this region is known to have its own unique feel in winter. If you haven’t thought about the Northwest for your road trip then you should definitely think again, especially as a senior.


Located right in the heart of the American south, Louisiana offers an interesting cross section of scenery and activities. On one hand you have the swampy interior of the state which makes for very interesting road tripping, and on the other you have the crown jewel city of New Orleans which is completely unique in its culture. This best-of-both-worlds mix has attracted plenty of senior road trippers over the years. In the winter this region is much less hot and swampy as well, making it the perfect time to go.


If a temperate climate, miles of amazing beaches, and lots of unique outdoor activities sound good to you for an RV rental trip trip, then never forget about sunny Florida in the south. Here you have not one but two coastlines to enjoy, a plethora of inviting cities and towns to visit, and an incredibly diverse range of activities to partake in ranging from water sports to hiking. One of the most impressive aspects of Florida is the diverse range of terrain, spanning from the swamps of the Everglades to stunning coastline to pine forests. Culturally, Florida also has a lot to offer, with major metropolises such as Miami and Tampa offering urban action and large stretches of rural landscape giving the opportunity for rustic reflection. There is a reason that Florida has long been one of the top destinations for seniors in winter, and if the cold and chill is getting you down then this could be your place.

Las Vegas

By far one of the top RV rentals destinations for senior road trips in America is the legendary city of Las Vegas. There are many reasons this Nevada desert city attracts thousands of visitors per year, and the diverse amount of activities and sights on hand are enough to keep many visitors coming back for multiple visits year-on-year. If youre a senior traveler and you haven’t placed Vegas near the top of your to-do list, then you’re definitely missing out. You just can’t go wrong steering your camper in the direction of Vegas in the wintertime.

The winter is a special time for travelers to take to the road on camper rental journeys, and there are many unique destinations across the US that are perfect for this season. For seniors looking to flee the colds of the north there are plenty of southern and desert destinations, plus there are many stunning winter adventures all over the rest of the country as well that are perfectly suited for this age range.

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You Can Hire Someone to Take You to the Seaport Very Easily

There are times in life when you will have transportation issues. You could be having troubles due to your vehicles being down for repairs, or you may be without a ride due to just having arrived in town by flight. Either way, you need to be able to get where you’re going. If you have booked passage somewhere at a seaport, then you need to have an effective way to get where you need to be.

Hiring Transport Services

You could consider hiring transport services to take you to your destination. It is possible to make contact with a company who can take you anywhere that you need to be within the UK. They will be able to get you to your seaport on time so that you won’t miss your departure time. The same service can also take you to any airport in the UK, so it is a very versatile option when you’re in need of transportation.

  • Great fleet of vehicles
  • Reliable transport services
  • Ability to take you anywhere in the UK

Seaport transfers in Plymouth will be easy when you make use of this service. They have the expertise to get you to your seaport without it being a big deal. You won’t have to feel stressed out about how you’re going to get there, and everything will work out great. All you need to do is reach out and take advantage of this convenient service.

Get Transported Today

If you need transportation to a seaport or an airport, then you should make contact as soon as possible. This service is going to be able to assist you very easily. It will be the most convenient way to get where you need to go. You will never miss your departure time when you rely on professionals like this.

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Must See Places in Cuba

Cuba is no doubt one of the most beautiful places on earth. This whole land is covered in the sea and is considered as one of the beautiful and natural islands with manmade construction on it. Cuba is basically a part of America, and it is situated in the southern part of Florida. And most people who visit here are Americans, who visits here by a boat or ship, and stays for several weeks because this whole island is not just something to experience in a single day. Well, that does not mean that it is just the Americans who can visit here, but Cuba always welcome everyone around the globe to come and visit this marvellous island. Cuba has got a lot to experience for the tourists.

Beautiful Town

First of all, there are beautiful beaches with all the luxury resorts around, then you can find all the vintage and rare American cars over here, which you might have just seen in some museum or pictures before. Now coming to the best destinations which you can visit in Cuba. So, first of all, there is Maria La Gorda which is a beautiful town in the western part of the island. This town is not famous for the natural beauty or strange buildings, but the only reason that tourists’ wishes to visit this town are due to cliff diving and scuba diving. And if you really wish to see the true beauty of marine life, then you should set your scuba gears and travel to this part of the island to Maria La Gorda. And after a long day of water fun, you would surely want to have a dinner in a calm and tremendous location.

Group of Islands

And there is no other best location than seaside to have dinner with your family. Then there is the whole bunch of smaller islands near the coast of Cuba which are known as Jardines Del Rey. These islands remain undiscovered until the start of the 1990s when some businessmen started their resorts on these islands. Still, it is believed that there are some parts of these islands which remain undiscovered. And Cayo Largo del Sur is one of those islands where you can just relax whole day. This small is island is perfect for those who came to Cuba in search of peace and comfort, and those who wish to spend some quality time alone.


Cayo Largo del Sur is one of those perfect destinations where you can just have drinks beside swimming pool or beach, and just relax on the chair while reading your favourite book or listening to the music. Whenever you hear the name Cuba then for sure the first thing that might pop out in your head will be Havana. Havana is the capital of Cuba, and being the capital this city has been used as a major trading and tourism hub. And being the capital of this country this city serves the best nightlife for the locals and tourists as well. Here you can find many things for your interest like you can visit many old buildings from the old part of the city of colonial times. For your whole trip, you would surely require Car Rental Cuba as well to get to your destination safe and sound.

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Enriching Activities to Keep Kids Entertained in KL

Taking your kids on holiday can be a great experience for you and your family, but only if you manage to keep them entertained. Bored children are often moody and misbehaved, so it’s essential that you put some plans in place to ensure that they’re kept busy during your trip. Big cities offer unparalleled choice when it comes to activities for both kids and adults alike, and by choosing options that all the family can enjoy you can be sure of a good trip all-round. The best activities are those that will enrich your children, so here are some of the top activities in KL that will also do your kids some good.


If you want your kids to get something more out of your holiday activities, why not opt for something both educational and fun? If you’re seeking kids’ activities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that can really enrich your child, then look no further than KidZania. This is an innovative new theme park where kids have the opportunity to try out a whole host of different career paths, all within a mini universe where “kids rule”. Not only do kids go wild at the idea of being in charge, they also have the chance to think about their future and take some vocations for a test run, which can truly have a huge effect on their future aspirations. This is an exciting and different activity which is sure to be a great day out for your kids.

For a more traditional educational opportunity, the science discovery centre at Petronas Towers offers an exciting and interactive exhibition, where kids can have fun whilst they learn. By bringing the lessons of their classroom to life with models and games, a visit to the science centre can really increase their interest in and appreciation of this important topic.


Taking your kids to do activities such as visiting a local museum or a significant site or monument are great ways to teach them to appreciate history and culture. Although these sites can sometimes be boring for kids, this is only due to a lack of understanding, so find a museum that offers kids tours so that they can really get involved with the exhibits. Head to the Batu Caves for an impressive religious site with no shortage of monkeys to feed along the way. Research the history of local sites and find some interesting facts and stories that you can tell your kids along the way and grab their attention. Whether your kids like stories of intrigue, love, adventure or horror, there is always a real-life equivalent in the history books to capture their imagination.


It’s never too early to show your kids the wonders of nature, and by giving them an appreciation of plants and animals you can instil in them core values of care and conservation. The butterfly park in KL is an incredible place where kids can see how beautiful nature truly can be. If you have a little longer, then you could get away from the city for a few days and explore the impressive rainforests that Malaysia has to offer.

Kuala Lumpur has no shortage of great kids’ activities, so make the most of your trip and cram some culture, nature and education into your schedule!

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A Guide To Arranging Your Next Holiday Online

The yearly family holiday is always a welcome time, as it allows everyone to rest and relax. It is a time for the kids to play on the beach and mum and dad to enjoy the fact that they are not at work and recharge those batteries. Wherever your chosen destination, it is now possible to organise everything yourself, thus eliminating the need for a package holiday operator. If you and your family are thinking about next year’s holiday, here is a guide to using the Internet to make it happen.

  • Accommodation – You might prefer a resort near the beach, or perhaps a cosy cottage in a rural setting, but whatever style you are into, it can be booked online. The prices you pay when making an online booking at a hotel or resort are as low as can be, and by organising everything well in advance, you can secure some real bargains. If, for example, you are planning a driving holiday, there is affordable car rental at Auckland Airport, and then you can book your nightly accommodation according to your planned route.
  • Transport – If you really want to get the most out of your holiday, you will need your own transport, and with affordable car rental, Australia and New Zealand are ideal countries to explore. More and more tourists are turning to New Zealand, as it is one of the least affected natural oasis that hasn’t yet been developed. An online search will take you to the website of an established car rental company, and with online booking facilities, you can ensure that your chosen model is fuelled up and ready when you arrive at Auckland Airport.
  • Holiday Insurance – It is always a good idea to take out some comprehensive holiday insurance for all the family, and this couldn’t be easier than using the Internet. Simply search for a reputable holiday insurance broker, and once they know your requirements, you will soon have a competitive quote. This will give you peace of mind, as foreign medical treatment can be very expensive, and with everyone included in the policy, you can relax and enjoy the holiday.
  • Research the Local Attractions – Using the Internet to find out about places of interest will guarantee that you won’t waste valuable time. Whatever your interests, there will be many places to visit and with a few hours of searching, you can create the perfect holiday schedule, which, of course, is not set in stone. We tend to ejoy places much more when we know something about them, and it is so easy to find out about tourist attractions online.

We are living in a digital age, and this allows us to arrange many things without even leaving home. Whether you fancy a treak to Nepal or a Carribean cruise, you can book everything online, and with a reliable car aiting for you at the airport, yoou and your family can explore your new surroundings at your leisure.

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Spring Break in Fiji

Spring is the season of colours and beauty, so how about spending this Spring Break in Fiji instead of just watching some T.V shows at your home. It is obvious that anyone of you would love to spend your Spring Break in Fiji because of its beaches and forested area covered with different types of unique plants and trees. This is a perfect land to experience the beauty of nature. Fiji is a basically an area covered with different islands, and among those islands, Yasawa and Mamanuca are the prominent ones. These both islands are not just famous for their beauty, but they also got importance due to several Hollywood movies which got shot over here like Blue Lagoon and Castaway. Even though due to man-made developments all the natural beauty is disappearing, but still these islands have managed to retain their natural beauty from the time they were discovered at first.

Yasawa Island

If you want to experience true natural beauty while resting on some beach or beside some swimming pool then all you need to do is to travel to one of the Yasawa Island. These islands surely have all the comforts and luxuries of modern lifestyle, but if you are looking for shopping malls or other famous brand outlets then for sure these islands are not for you. Because people who arrive here just want to enjoy and remain near to nature, instead of doing shopping or other stuff that they were doing back in their homelands.

Mamanuca Island

The second group of islands is known as Mamanuca Islands. And these islands are not just to relax, but instead, here you can find a lot of exciting and fun activities. Every spring brings many tourists who are crazy about water sports, as here they can go for speed boating, deep sea diving, surfing, and fishing etc. This island brings another crazy, yet amazing activity for you to explore this whole area from a birds view in a plane. And that means you will be doing skydiving as well. And during sea diving, you will explore the amazing coral reef and other exotic fishes in this water.

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Charming Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, also known as the Venice of the North for its more
than 100 canals is enriched with 17 th Century architecture and modern, progressive attitude. As
one of the most famous tourist destinations of Europe, there are plenty of exciting and unique
things to discover in Amsterdam all the time.

Transport and Hostels:
Amsterdam Airport, known as Schiphol International Airport, connects train lines to the city
centre. Trains depart from the airport main plaza day and night every day of the week. If you are
looking for cheap hostels to stay, visit to find bests of them.

Top Attractions:
Canals of Amsterdam: A boat ride along the canals of Amsterdam lined with Elm and Lime trees
and crossed over by thousand bridges is truly mesmerizing. They were built to control the flow
of Amstel River and connect acres of dry land to the city.

Rijkmuseum: With a collection of more than one million artifacts from 13 th Century onwards,
Rijkmuseum is the most important among the nation’s history and art museums and a must-
visit place.

Van Gogh Museum: Housed in a four-storey building, it is one of the most visited tourist spot
because of being the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings and letters.

Begijnholf: The district of Begijnholf was once served as the residence for the sisterhood of
Catholic Beguines. A memorial of that period, it is a place to visit.

Anne Frank House: The house where once Anne Frank hid with her family from the Nazis and
that says all about this place’s importance.

Bloemenmarkt: A must visit spot because it is world’s only floating flower market.

Vondelpark: Bearing a historical value, this park is a popular gathering spot for the tourists and
locals to relax on the grass.

Scheepvaartmuseum: Also known as the National Maritime Museum, this museum stores
artifacts from Amsterdam’s rich nautical history.

De Wallen: A district of several historic buildings, this place is also the city’s designated area for
legalized prostitution.

Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam: One of the three royal palaces in the Netherlands.

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What to Do When Visiting Langkawi

Langkawi is an archipelago of over just over 100 islands off the coast of northwest Malaysia. This lovely island locale is a frequent tourist escape for people who wish to experience the rainforest up close. Sparsely inhabited, the island destination is one that you will want to include on your travel bucket list.

Because the destination is sparsely inhabited, you will not see a lot of people on the major travel routes. Therefore, you can easily savour all the scenery and attractions. Not only is the site home to palm trees and rainforest greenery but the balmy ocean breeze will also keep you company.

Go Online and Do Some Research

If you plan to hire a vehicle, you need to obtain a map of the island. You can either reference the map or contact a nearby tourist information centre. You will also need to review the top attractions on the Internet. Doing so before your trip will make them easier to locate and appreciate.

The Langkawi Cable Car

Two interesting attractions that you cannot miss are the Langkawi Cable Car and Sky Bridge, which are situated close to Barau Bay. The ride on the cable car is truly memorable as the car climbs the world’s steepest gradient. The trip leads to the top of Mt. Mat Cincang and spans a distance of around two kilometres.

Once you reach the top of Mt. Mat Cincang, you will be rewarded with a full-scale view of the Andaman Sea and the isles and peaks of the surrounding landscape. The two cable car stations feature walking trails and viewing platforms.

Finding a Place to Stay

Linking a cable car station with an adjacent mountain, the Skybridge is another way to view the surrounding terrain. If you like adventure, take the lengthy flight of steps up to the dynamic bridge. To easily access the cable cars and Skybridge, find a hotel near Langkawi International Airport.

Rooms in luxury hotels are both comfortable and contemporary. You will love the smart décor of your accommodation, which supplies you with sophistication and style. You can enjoy such amenities as a raindrop shower, AC, and IPTV.

The Kilim Geo Park

These types of comforts will reinvigorate you so that you can embark on journeys to sites such as The Kilim Geo Park and Mangroves. This nature reserve is located on the northeast section of Langkawi next to the Kilim River.

Visitors to the preserve take a boat tour to view geological formations including limestone rocks, mangrove swamps, and lagoons. Part of the tour includes visits to floating fish farms where tourists can feed the stingrays or participate in monkey-feeding and eagle-feeding activities.

You will also want to visit Underwater World, which is a large facility that features 4,000+ marine animals and fish. Birds and other animals are displayed as well. A 15-metre tunnel permits visitors to view underwater wildlife in large and small aquariums.