Charming Amsterdam


Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, also known as the Venice of the North for its more
than 100 canals is enriched with 17 th Century architecture and modern, progressive attitude. As
one of the most famous tourist destinations of Europe, there are plenty of exciting and unique
things to discover in Amsterdam all the time.

Transport and Hostels:
Amsterdam Airport, known as Schiphol International Airport, connects train lines to the city
centre. Trains depart from the airport main plaza day and night every day of the week. If you are
looking for cheap hostels to stay, visit to find bests of them.

Top Attractions:
Canals of Amsterdam: A boat ride along the canals of Amsterdam lined with Elm and Lime trees
and crossed over by thousand bridges is truly mesmerizing. They were built to control the flow
of Amstel River and connect acres of dry land to the city.

Rijkmuseum: With a collection of more than one million artifacts from 13 th Century onwards,
Rijkmuseum is the most important among the nation’s history and art museums and a must-
visit place.

Van Gogh Museum: Housed in a four-storey building, it is one of the most visited tourist spot
because of being the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings and letters.

Begijnholf: The district of Begijnholf was once served as the residence for the sisterhood of
Catholic Beguines. A memorial of that period, it is a place to visit.

Anne Frank House: The house where once Anne Frank hid with her family from the Nazis and
that says all about this place’s importance.

Bloemenmarkt: A must visit spot because it is world’s only floating flower market.

Vondelpark: Bearing a historical value, this park is a popular gathering spot for the tourists and
locals to relax on the grass.

Scheepvaartmuseum: Also known as the National Maritime Museum, this museum stores
artifacts from Amsterdam’s rich nautical history.

De Wallen: A district of several historic buildings, this place is also the city’s designated area for
legalized prostitution.

Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam: One of the three royal palaces in the Netherlands.

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