Must See Places in Cuba


Cuba is no doubt one of the most beautiful places on earth. This whole land is covered in the sea and is considered as one of the beautiful and natural islands with manmade construction on it. Cuba is basically a part of America, and it is situated in the southern part of Florida. And most people who visit here are Americans, who visits here by a boat or ship, and stays for several weeks because this whole island is not just something to experience in a single day. Well, that does not mean that it is just the Americans who can visit here, but Cuba always welcome everyone around the globe to come and visit this marvellous island. Cuba has got a lot to experience for the tourists.

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Beautiful Town

First of all, there are beautiful beaches with all the luxury resorts around, then you can find all the vintage and rare American cars over here, which you might have just seen in some museum or pictures before. Now coming to the best destinations which you can visit in Cuba. So, first of all, there is Maria La Gorda which is a beautiful town in the western part of the island. This town is not famous for the natural beauty or strange buildings, but the only reason that tourists’ wishes to visit this town are due to cliff diving and scuba diving. And if you really wish to see the true beauty of marine life, then you should set your scuba gears and travel to this part of the island to Maria La Gorda. And after a long day of water fun, you would surely want to have a dinner in a calm and tremendous location.

Group of Islands

And there is no other best location than seaside to have dinner with your family. Then there is the whole bunch of smaller islands near the coast of Cuba which are known as Jardines Del Rey. These islands remain undiscovered until the start of the 1990s when some businessmen started their resorts on these islands. Still, it is believed that there are some parts of these islands which remain undiscovered. And Cayo Largo del Sur is one of those islands where you can just relax whole day. This small is island is perfect for those who came to Cuba in search of peace and comfort, and those who wish to spend some quality time alone.


Cayo Largo del Sur is one of those perfect destinations where you can just have drinks beside swimming pool or beach, and just relax on the chair while reading your favourite book or listening to the music. Whenever you hear the name Cuba then for sure the first thing that might pop out in your head will be Havana. Havana is the capital of Cuba, and being the capital this city has been used as a major trading and tourism hub. And being the capital of this country this city serves the best nightlife for the locals and tourists as well. Here you can find many things for your interest like you can visit many old buildings from the old part of the city of colonial times. For your whole trip, you would surely require Car Rental Cuba as well to get to your destination safe and sound.

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