Why HGV Drivers Are Important In UK


Do you remember how difficult it was to get basic products like toilet paper or sugar recently? How did that situation come about? Pandemic? War in Ukraine? Brexit? This is a combination of all of the above, plus one more factor that you may not be aware of – the shortage of HGV drivers. Why are HGV drivers important in the UK?

The eCommerce industry support

Nowadays, the eCommerce industry is so popular that around 87% of UK households buy online on a regular basis. Do you think it would be that popular if we had to wait for the delivery for a month? Due to the pandemic, we are even more willing to do our food shopping online, not to mention clothes, electronic and home supplies.

Apart from the digital face of online shopping, there is a crucial physical element which we can’t do without – HGV drivers who transport your goods from the warehouse to your home. Without HGV drivers your choice would be limited to small capacity objects, or the goods from the nearby warehouses. Due to Brexit, which causes the HGV drivers shortage, the transport of goods from the mainland to the UK may take much longer. Do you want to have influence on the industry too? Check how you may become an HGV driver with the LGV training company.

The supply of food and basic goods

What do you think is the way of sugar or toilet paper from the manufacturer to your local supermarket? These products don’t usually travel by train or plane. The fastest and cheapest way is to transport them by HGV (Heavy Good Vehicles).

We may be unaware though that the food supply process doesn’t start only when the product is ready! HGV drivers are also responsible for transporting farming machines and equipment necessary for farmers to even start the growing process.

If there are no HGV drivers to collect crops from farmers and to transport them to the manufacturing company, they will quickly become useless. No crops, no flour. No flour, no bread. Can you now see the food supply chain?

The support of economy

The economy is like a vessel which is complete only when all the elements are present. The supermarkets lacking supplies of basic goods will have to close sooner or later. The hospitality industry can’t function without basic supplies, such as food, or kitchen and toilet supplies. Without hotels, and other forms of accommodation, the travel industry can’t function properly.

As we can see one industry is reliant on another one, but there is one thing they all have in common – HGV transport.

We may now be more aware of how important HGV drivers are in the UK, but also around the world. Without them we will lack everything, from fuel, food and home supplies, to medicine, electronics and specialist equipment.

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