Enriching Activities to Keep Kids Entertained in KL


Taking your kids on holiday can be a great experience for you and your family, but only if you manage to keep them entertained. Bored children are often moody and misbehaved, so it’s essential that you put some plans in place to ensure that they’re kept busy during your trip. Big cities offer unparalleled choice when it comes to activities for both kids and adults alike, and by choosing options that all the family can enjoy you can be sure of a good trip all-round. The best activities are those that will enrich your children, so here are some of the top activities in KL that will also do your kids some good.


If you want your kids to get something more out of your holiday activities, why not opt for something both educational and fun? If you’re seeking kids’ activities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that can really enrich your child, then look no further than KidZania. This is an innovative new theme park where kids have the opportunity to try out a whole host of different career paths, all within a mini universe where “kids rule”. Not only do kids go wild at the idea of being in charge, they also have the chance to think about their future and take some vocations for a test run, which can truly have a huge effect on their future aspirations. This is an exciting and different activity which is sure to be a great day out for your kids.

For a more traditional educational opportunity, the science discovery centre at Petronas Towers offers an exciting and interactive exhibition, where kids can have fun whilst they learn. By bringing the lessons of their classroom to life with models and games, a visit to the science centre can really increase their interest in and appreciation of this important topic.


Taking your kids to do activities such as visiting a local museum or a significant site or monument are great ways to teach them to appreciate history and culture. Although these sites can sometimes be boring for kids, this is only due to a lack of understanding, so find a museum that offers kids tours so that they can really get involved with the exhibits. Head to the Batu Caves for an impressive religious site with no shortage of monkeys to feed along the way. Research the history of local sites and find some interesting facts and stories that you can tell your kids along the way and grab their attention. Whether your kids like stories of intrigue, love, adventure or horror, there is always a real-life equivalent in the history books to capture their imagination.


It’s never too early to show your kids the wonders of nature, and by giving them an appreciation of plants and animals you can instil in them core values of care and conservation. The butterfly park in KL is an incredible place where kids can see how beautiful nature truly can be. If you have a little longer, then you could get away from the city for a few days and explore the impressive rainforests that Malaysia has to offer.

Kuala Lumpur has no shortage of great kids’ activities, so make the most of your trip and cram some culture, nature and education into your schedule!

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