Greater Options for Yachting in Bahamas


It is not for nothing that names like Paradise Island have been assigned to the 700 islands in the Bahamas. The Bahamas is draped in the Atlantic Ocean like a silver necklace set with moss-green emeralds. Prepare for a dreamlike sailing trip along the most beautiful islands of the Bahamas.

The largest island of the Bahamas is the swampy Andros Island. But the most famous is New Providence, where vacationers are unpacking at Disney-like resorts. And on Abacos you go in search of the treasure that pirates have left behind. Discover the most beautiful sights of the Bahamas here. You can simply rent a yacht with skipper in the bahamas and have the best time also.

The most beautiful sights of the Bahamas

Your first stop is New Providence. Nearly seventy percent of the population lives on this energetic island, where tourists follow their purses. Here you can slide off white water courses, dive with sharks and imagine yourself a pirate. The pirate history of the island can be found in the colonial capital Nassau. Paradise Island is just above New Providence. Along its pearly white beaches you will find the world famous water slides and luxury of the Atlantis Resort.

Bahamas: a tropical nature

After a few hours of sailing, the huge Andros Island rises from the dark blue sea. Andros is less touristy, its nature hardly explored. Mangrove forests, palm trees and primeval forests occupy the so-called ‘back garden of the Bahamas’.

The paradise of the Bahamas

The wind then takes you to the surrounding Out Islands. The pace of life is slow there, the small colonial towns idyllic and the white sandy beaches like satin. On Big Major Spot Island you swim in the sea with happy pigs. You can dive along the colored coral reef at the coast of Abacos. The paradise of the Bahamas is endless.

The sea is full of these things

Chances are that you will hit your foot on such a thing. It is very annoying of course. Your passport is provided with a git-black stamp. Another spot less in your passport and then the stamp from the Bahamas is also black. It is something to make you happy?

Your neighbor on the beach can also be an Iguana. Bahamas powerboat adventures iguana Wildlife is everywhere, even when you are just relaxing on the beach. The question is can you handle that? Or would you rather have had such a thick and stark white American beside you? It is sometimes really not safe there. If you walk unsuspectingly into the sea, a shark suddenly swims past.

The sea is not cold enough to keep a beer cool

If you bring beer to the beach, the sea is too warm to keep such a Sands beer, the local beer from the Bahamas, cool so drink quickly and then think that it is nice too. This may come as a shock but in the Bahamas you can celebrate an all-inclusive holiday from 125 dollars per person per day at the Breezes Resort.

The sea sometimes looks just like a swimming pool. Sailing there is the best option now.The sun sometimes shines so bright that you cannot go outside without sunglasses and the sea. That could just as well have been a huge swimming pool.After your vacation to the Bahamas, you begin to wonder more than ever why you live in your country again.

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