Why Is It That More People than Ever Before are Now Playing Golf


If you’ve noticed today that more people are playing golf, it may come as a surprise to many people when you look back at its humble and modest origins. Golf has its roots in Scotland, where King James II (1457), actually briefly banned it, due to his army missing military aged men who were obsessed with the game!

  • In those long gone days, golf was played with sticks and pebbles over a natural environment.

During the 16th century, the game left Scotland for abroad. King Charles I of England and Mary Queen of Scots are accredited with taking golf to England and France, respectively. Mary Queen of Scots even had French military cadets helping her with her game, who became known as “caddies.”

  • This term stands to now, and those who enjoy golf know that caddies not only take care of golf clubs, but are also advisers to assist a golfer in selecting a club and strategy on shots.

Overseas Interest

During the advent of the Industrial Revolution, golf clubs and balls went on to become mass produced and affordable enough for others to play. In the mid-19th century, national and international golf championships were founded in nations from Britain to the United States and even India, and later in 1900, golf eventually became an Olympic sporting event.

The lush rolling green courses are landscaped not only for difficult golfing challenges, but also for their visual appeal. Trees and lakes are not only pleasing to the eye, but are natural surroundings for birds, squirrels, fish, and in some states like Florida, even lovely alligators!

  • At the current time of big cities and suburbs, the open-air, golf course is a welcome break.

18 Holes

Along with the tranquillity of a golf course, people also like to play golf because of the exercise. The course is made up of 18 holes, and can be long or short to accommodate all levels of skill. The shorter courses can be simply walked, while the longer ones are typically travelled around via an electric golf car.

  • And still, a golfer has to walk from the cart to the ball for every single shot, which does amount to some exercise which other people never do.

Golf might look like an easy game, but it is actually quite technical. Getting that swing just right can make a big difference in sending that little white ball flying from the tee.

Getting it on to the green will require yet another set of skills, which involves having a good eye, selecting the right line, and applying the perfect amount of strength.


With its popularity increasing and being a game which can be learned by everyone, don’t be surprised to see golf becoming more popular in the future.

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