How to Find the Right Family Travel Insurance Policy for Europe


Europe (Schengen Area) rules the chart as far as tourism is concerned. Millions of tourists come to Europe to experience the serene landscapes, beautiful cities and abundant natural beauty. And as everything else is costly in Europe, healthcare is also costly in Europe. This makes having a travel insurance policy, a welcome step for all the tourists travelling to Europe. More, travel insurance is mandatory for obtaining a Schengen Visa. So, if you are applying for a Schengen Visa for yourself and your family, you need to obtain travel insurance for Europe first.

Checklist for the Ideal Family Travel Insurance for Europe

You should browse through the family travel insurance policies and their features to select the ideal policy for your family. However, the best way to select the right one for you is to use a checklist, like the one given below. You should evaluate these features in all travel insurance policies. Bharti AXA offers all the following features in its family travel insurance policies.

  1. Does the Policy Cover Loss of Essential Possessions?

In case your luggage/ passport/ other important documents are stolen or misplaced during the air-transit, travel insurance will take care of the expenses and allow you an appropriate compensation.

2 Does it Include Home Insurance Coverage?

The insurance company will cover the cost of the contents of your house in case of mishaps such as fire/ burglary/ etc. The policy will offer compensation for the loss of belongings if such incident happens during your travel to Europe.

3 Does it Cover Distress Allowance in case of Hijack?

Though hijack are not a common occurrence, some travel insurance policies also cover the compensation and allowance for the distress you have experienced during your travel to Europe. A good travel insurance policy should cover such events.

4 Does it Cover Emergency Medical Expenses?

If you come across any unfortunate incident and you need emergency medical assistance, the travel insurance policy can help you out with the expenses required for such treatment. Also, the policy covers dental treatments related expenses too.

5 Does it Cover Accidental Legal Expenses?

In case of an accident or other untoward incident, if you require legal assistance in Europe, the insurance company will bear the expenses for legal services. All the legal issues with any third-party insurance company, it will be covered in your travel insurance.

6 Does it Cover Personal Accidents?

In case of death or dismemberment in your family that is travelling in Europe, an ideal insurance company is liable to compensate you with the pre-fixed amount for such incident, through your travel insurance.

7 Does it Include Coverage of Trip Cancellation/Delay?

If your travel plans are disturbed due to health issues/ airline issues and you have already pre-paid the cost of tickets, family travel insurance will compensate you and your family for the trip cancellation and delays.

8 Does it Cover Daily Allowance in case of Hospitalization?

If you or any family member needs to be hospitalized in Europe, the family travel insurance also covers the daily expenses allowance for your family, for the entire duration of the hospitalization in Europe.

9 Does it Cover Emergency Evacuation/Accommodation?

If there are any incidents/emergencies that mandate you to evacuate Europe or if there are situations that you and your family need to get an emergency accommodation, the travel insurance policy will compensate you for the cost incurred.

10 Does it Cover Compassionate Visit by Immediate Family?

If you or your entire family is hospitalized for 7 days, the travel insurance policy will cover the expenses for the travel, boarding and lodging of your immediate relatives traveling to Europe.

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