Long Haul Flight Essentials To Bring In Your Carry-On


We all know how long flights can be so tedious and rather uncomfortable. There are so many things that contribute to that too – restricted leg space, and comfortable seating arrangements, snoring co-passengers, and, of course, the dreaded crying babies.

Sometimes you may have to spend hours at a stretch in the same position and, if you’re not careful enough, you will leave the flight with a stiff body and a foul mood.

In order to make sure that you don’t get stuck in the flight of your nightmares, it’s important for you to take things in your own hands. Read on as we have compiled a list of some flight essentials that you always need to bring in your carry-on before you board a flight.

A Comfy Neck Pillow

Long haul flights are equivalent to hours of sleep. In fact, if there’s anything good about long flights it has to be the fact that you can catch up on missing sleep. So why not make certain that you’re at your most comfortable before you get on that flight?

With the help of a neck pillow, you can support your neck and shoulders, which will lead to a lack of stiffness you might feel otherwise. Sitting hours at a stretch will leave you feeling mentally and physically exhausted.

The best part about neck pillows is the variety that you can take your pick from. Wrap-around shall pillows, snake-shaped pillows, or the traditional U-shaped – you can select one which you feel would be most suitable to the needs of your body.

Noise-canceling Earplugs

Speaking of sleeping, If you don’t carry any earplugs with you, chances are, you might not get sleep even after having a comfy pillow by your side. After all, how can you tackle those loud noises of your co-passengers?

Preparing for the worst, it’s always better to carry noise-canceling your plugs or headphones with you to block any unnecessary noise. While it is true that most flights do give you earplugs, but they aren’t really up to the mark to actually help cancel noise.

Quick Tip: make sure that you physically try the earplugs before buying one so as to make sure that they do actually cancel noise. Always better to be safe than sorry.

A Soft Sleeping Mask

Now that you have your neck pillow and an earphone, a sleeping mask is what you need to complete the deal.

Unless you have the luxury to travel in a private chat or business class, you cannot necessarily demand the lights be switched off as per your convenience. And even when it is time for the lights to be switched off, there might be cases where your co-passenger wants to read a book.

You will need not to worry about such situations if you have a sleeping mask that you can easily cover your eyes with and snooze away. One common mistake that people commit while buying a sleeping mask is not trying it first hand. You see, it’s important for the elastic of the sleeping mask to not be too tight to put pressure on your head. Always opt for an appropriate fit, which is not too tight and not too loose.

Also, the material should be soft and not scratchy against your eyelids. Try to purchase an eye mask that has a satin material as they feel oh-so-soft against the skin.

A Portable Battery Charger

We don’t really need to emphasize how dependent we have become on electronic gadgets. Our cellphones have become a source of entertainment as well as an essential gadget needed for emergencies. Even imagining a situation when our phones die due to low battery sounds rather scary.

With the help of a portable battery charger, you can you prepared and hence, avoid such situations. Especially in cases of long haul flights, you shouldn’t take any chances as landing in a new destination does require communication.

Portable chargers are available in various models in sizes as well. So, if you prefer a more lightweight version, you can easily get that. Try to buy a portable battery charger that can charge multiple devices at once to make it even more functional.

Sweet and Savoury Snacks

Whether you are traveling on the flight or by a car, it’s always a wise decision to have something to munch on in your bag.

Flights do have options where you can select snacks but there is no guarantee that you will like the selection that is on offer. Hence, being on the safer side, it’s always better to stock on your favorite chocolates, biscuits, and cookies in your bag in case you feel hungry.

If you aren’t a sweet person, you can carry savory munchies as well. Don’t forget to carry extra for your co-passengers!

A Collapsible Water Bottle

Now that we have covered the eating bit, it’s important to take into account proper hydration as well.

It’s common to get dehydrated whenever we are traveling by flight which, in turn, can alter our skins’ pH levels as well as our body regulation. This is precisely why you need to consume adequate water.

Again, you can ask the air hostess for water but, the tiny cup size isn’t sufficient enough to quench your first and constantly pestering the staff asking for more isn’t appropriate either.

It is due to this reason why it’s always better to carry your own water bottle that you can fill up at the airport. We would also advise you to invest in a collapsible water bottle as once you step out of the airport; you can keep it away.

So, these are a few ways in which you can make sure that your long haul flights are comfortable and convenient. If you look over all the travel essentials that we have mentioned above, the products can really help you to land at your destination with a fresh mind and a good mood.

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