Why I Choose To Fly Private


I do a lot of travelling each year. One thing that I dread the most is commercial flights. Not because I have any height phobias, but because you never know which inconvenience you will meet. After years of flying commercial and dealing with flight delays, slow-moving terminal queues and passengers who would win an award for annoyance, I decided to change things.

A friend of mine who works with a travel agency had continuously tried to pitch me the idea of flying on a private jet, like those Jettly offers. At first, I had reservations about how the whole thing works, but he assured me that it’s the same as flying normally, but with comfort assured at each step. So, I took him up on the offer and booked a private jet. My goodness, the experience was amazing and I’m here to tell you why I will choose this option again.

I Saved My Time

The main difference when it comes to flying private against flying commercial is just how much time you save. Normally when I would fly on other commercial airlines, I would have to arrive at the airport at least an hour before departure. The main reason for this was to allow enough time to go through the entire frisking and boarding cycle at the airport.

With a private jet, however, I arrived at the airport 15 minutes before departure and I sat on my plane seat with five more minutes to spare. A process that usually took me around half an hour was cut down to a mere ten minutes minus the adrenaline rush usually involved.

More Privacy

The best thing about travelling in a private jet was the privacy I enjoyed the entire journey. Right from the time I got to the airport, I went through a private terminal which is less crowded and looks more like a hallway inside my home. I no longer had to sit in a waiting lounge where I would have to endure the discomfort of either having to be squeezed in a chair with someone or listen to their loud music.

The experience is even better once inside the plane. I was travelling alone at that time and you can guess the kind of privacy I enjoyed. For once, I flew from one destination to another without having to deal with a fellow passenger pushing against my seat or having to endure an uncalled-for conversation.

I Could Work While Travelling

I love travelling, but then again, I hate travelling if I have some pending work. There are times I’m lucky enough to finish the work before I travel and on some other days, life happens! On this day when I flew private, I had a lot of pending work, there were some documents I had to go through and prepare them before I landed at my destination.

I shared with my friend from the travel agency on just how overwhelmed I am with work and the travelling bit is making things more complicated. His answer was a sarcastic laugh. Only later would I come to learn that a private jet is more or less an office, living room and bedroom in a moving chunk of metal. Add to the fact that I enjoyed maximum privacy when flying, I was able to finish the work in a quarter the time that I usually would take. This efficiency allowed me more time to enjoy the experience and rest before meeting my business associates.

If you are looking to work while travelling, whether alone or in a team, consider a private jet. It offers you and your team enough time and room to brainstorm and prepare well for any business meeting you have when you land. My experience flying private made me understand why many business executives always choose this mode of transport.

Flying private offers you immense benefits. From saving you time, to allow you enough room and peace to work and most of all, privacy. Weighing these factors, private flights win over commercials any time.

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