Resorts In Dandeli That Are Recommended By Travel Experts


Dandelappa is a local deity which has inspired the area’s name to be Dandeli. But, there is also another side to its naming which is that the name of the place was based on King Dandakanayaka who passed through the forests of that area. So, you can already see that this place has some strong historical references.

If you are a nature lover, birder, adventure seeker and wildlife enthusiast then you must plan your trip to Dandeli town located in the western Indian state of Karnataka. Dandeli has much to offer to the visitors who visit from around the world. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Supa Dam, Kali River, Dandakaranya Eco Park, Syntheri Rocks and Kavala Caves are some of the major attractions in or near Dandeli. The natural beauty and wildlife of Dandeli will steal your heart away.

October – December is the best time to plan a trip to Dandeli. During this time Dandeli receives a great rush of people from around the world. This time is best for exploring the wildlife, enjoying the glimpses of unique birds, trying various adventurous activities and visiting various major attractions in Dandeli.

There are a lot of resorts near Dandeli for a comfortable and convenient stay. For this purpose, you can check online the list of resorts in Dandeli. It is wise to book the resorts beforehand so that you can easily get the stay accommodation of your choice. You should always prefer those resorts or hotels which are in close proximity to the major attractions in Dandeli as it saves a lot of time and money.

You can also check various resorts in or near Dandeli that have been recommended by the travel experts. Here you go:

Magenta Century Resort

Magenta Century Resort is one of the best resorts in Dandeli and positioned at a beautiful location. This place lets you enjoy some quality and memorable time with your family or friends. Magenta Century Resort provides various accommodation options including rooms, tents and cottages to the visitors for a wonderful stay. Magenta Century Resort also provides a room for various adventurous activities. This resort has been recommended by a lot of travel experts.

Hornbill River Resort

Hornbill River Resort is a famous stay accommodation near Dandeli. It is a beautiful riverside resort with eco-friendly stay accommodation. If you want to live very close to nature then you should go for Hornbill River Resort. Hornbill River Resort provides tent house, tree house and cottages. This best resort gives an opportunity of spending some memorable time with the family and friends. You can enjoy various sports activities here including water rafting and more. This resort might offer you glimpses of a rich variety of birds so do not forget to take the binoculars with you.

Bison River Resort

Bison River Resort is located at the distance of 20 km from Dandeli. This resort is nestled on the banks of the magnificent Kali River. From the Bison River Resort, tourists can have the panoramic view of the river. This resort has wonderful rooms for stay with a balcony from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the river. The resort also has a restaurant which provides multiple cuisines. The resort provides all the required amenities for your comfort and gives you a feeling of home away from home. Bison River Resort also provides the adventure of white water rafting on the beautiful Kali River. The sound of this river is so rejuvenating that it freshens you in the morning.

White Water Living Resort

White Water Living Resort is a resort beside the Kali River. This resort is nestled at a beautiful location and surrounded by old green trees. Jacuzzi bath, raft ride, swimming, zorbing, river crossing, jungle trekking and bird watching are the activities that you can enjoy while being at White Water Living Resort. Supa dam, syntheri rock, backwater view and vincholi rapids are some of the major attractions that you can visit for sightseeing near White Water Living Resort Dandeli. From this resort, you enjoy the view of magnificent Kali River which looks milky white in colour. This resort is an ideal stay location for bird watchers so do not forget to take the binoculars.


Dandeli has much to offer to the tourists. Dandeli is a place for the nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, birders, adventure seekers and photographers.

There are a lot of resorts available in or near Dandeli for an affordable and luxurious stay. Browse resorts near Dandeli; you will get a list of the list of resorts in Dandeli. You should book your resort beforehand as sometimes, later on, it becomes hard to get a stay of choice.

Have a wonderful stay at Dandeli amidst wildlife and natural beauty with your family or friends!

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