Ayrshire: A Colourful Glimpse into Scottish History


I doubt there’s a person alive who wasn’t inspired by the epic movie Braveheart, which offered an insight into the brutal world of Medieval Britain, and for many travellers, a visit to an area of Scotland, such as Ayrshire, offers a glimpse into that period, as the natural landscape remains the same today as it was all those centuries ago.

Fortresses and Castles

One can still enjoy the amazing architecture of that time, and finding a small hotel and local restaurant in Ayrshire is all part of the experience. You can sleep in the same room that Robbie Burns once used, and if that isn’t an amazing experience, I don’t know what is!

Turnberry Castle, the birthplace of the famous Scottish King, Robert The Bruce, is a must visit site, where you can learn more about his heroic struggle against the tyrant English ruler, Edward I. Robert The Bruce picked up where William Wallace left off by taking up arms against the invaders, and during his short reign, he managed to:

  • Unite the Scottish Nobles
  • Defeat the English several times
  • Rally the Scottish people

Explore a Unique Landscape

The southwest of Scotland offers the visitor some amazing natural landscapes and is a photographer’s dream that is waiting to be explored. Local inns and restaurants offer authentic Scottish hospitality at its very best, and by doing a little online research prior to your arrival, you will have a better understanding of the events that occurred all those years ago in this unique part of Scotland.

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