The Perks of Having the F2 Non Immigrant Dependent Visa


The F-1 non immigrant student’s Visa permits the foreign nationals to enter United States for the studying and educational purposes. They are likewise permitted to work in specific circumstances, yet basically they go to the U.S for the studying and educational purposes.

 In the event that they have a dependent family member, for example, a subordinate spouse or the dependent kids under 21 years of age, they are permitted to get them into United State as well. This is only possible with the F2 subordinate visa.

What Is The F2 Dependent Visa?

This F1 visa is also known as the non immigrant student Visa. If in case the student with the F1 visa is married or have subordinate children who is younger than 21 years, these dependents can apply for a F2 non immigrant dependent visa. This F2 dependent visa enables them to remain with the student with the f1 student visa, while they are pursuing their education.

The F2 visa is legitimately identified with the conditions of the F1 visa owner. There is no limitations for it, the dependent should simply satisfy the necessities and complete the application procedure to get the F2 visa.

 You are required to make sure that your assigned academy officials realizes that you might want to tag along your legal dependent with you to united states. When you let the university knows that your dependent will be accompanying you to the United States, the officials will issue a Form I-20 for every one of your dependents.

Eligibility for the F2 visa

  • The person should be the legal husband or wife of an affirmed F1 visa owner.


  • The person should be the unmarried child, who is under age of21 years of an endorsed F1 visa owner.
  • The person should have the financial support to help the family during the stay in the United States.

Privileges of having F2 visas 

  • Enter the U.S. with your reliable partner or later on.
  • Travel outside U.S. or stay in the U.S. consistently as long as you keep legitimate F-2 status.
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