Back & Neck Golf Stretch Exercises


Despite golf not being a high impact activity like jogging yet ardent golfers aren’t impervious to injury. When one repeatedly and frequently swings the golf club and bends down for fetching the ball and golf tee then it can cause strain to ligaments or muscles of your back. Cumulative trauma disorders are prevalent among golfers and not resting subsequently only escalates the severity of pains and the likelihood of additional injuries.

The cervical spine that starts from the base of the cranium is also prone to overuse-related injury. The chief reason is the neck stem being overused from vigorous swinging movements which exert additional strain on the neck. One additionally twists one’s neck often for viewing the span of a tee shot or looking downwards during putting strokes.

Back & Neck Golf Stretch Exercises

Aloft Stretches

Start by grabbing a shorter than the standard length of golf clubs such as an eight iron or nine iron variety. The golf club must be grasped using the right and left hands at both its ends. The golf club is then held overhead and neck turned sideways appvalley. Do this thrice and then bow downwards till the thighs are positioned parallel to the floor with the golf club still held overhead. Revert to beginning posture and repeat this ten times while taking a half minute breather and redoing the set.

Chair Stretches

These stretching moves help in strengthening your thoracic back. Begin by standing erect, feet placed at a distance shoulder-width away, in front of the backside of a chair. Start slowly bending the knees to a slight extent, leaning forwards at your waistline and grabbing the backside of the chair using the inner sides of your hands that must be faced downwards.

With the spinal column maintained upright one then continues leaning forwards whilst bringing the head in between the hands. Halt once gentle stretching is felt throughout the sides of the thoracic back, just underneath the shoulder areas. Get a person to be seated on the chair whilst performing the stretching movements so that it doesn’t accidentally tip backward.

Weighted Golf Club Roll

Attach a 2 lb. weight to your golf club or clutch duo golf clubs at once. After taking one’s position the weighted golf club is then swung like what one does with a standard golf club. The weighted club is then brought back to the initial position and the action repeated for ten instances.

Avoid halting in between swinging movements and doing so consecutively for ten times with the tempo maintained all through. Doing this would aid in loosening the different types of joints, ligaments as well as muscles of the back and neck while prepping them up for an entire round of golf.

Supine Back Flexion

This is a stretching exercise which loosens the back and preps the player. It initiates by lying supine over a firm surface and bending knees so that the feet are placed flattish on the ground. Hold behind your knees using the palms of both hands and slowly bring the knees to the trunk (chest). Stop once an easy stretch is sensed in the lower portion of the back and buttock areas. Relaxing variancetv the back all through is important and the position must be held for five seconds. Do ten repetitions daily.

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