5 Cool Ways to Spice Up Your Best Friend’s Stag Do


The aim of a Stag Do party is to maximize the fun. It is an event usually packed with groom friends and they will try to do a recap of some of the memories they hold dear. You definitely should evoke old but also to make new ones.

In fact, you ought to be on the forefront of spicing up the stag party. Especially if it has been organized by your friends. Here are some of the things you can engage in to enhance the mood in this party:

#1 Visiting a cool destination

There are a number of cities or countries that you can take your best friend to for his stag weekend. One of the preferred places in Madrid. This is a city-endorsed with remarkable sites and fun activities to engage in.

You can capitalize on Madrid Stag do activities in order to make the stag weekend worthwhile. These activities include visiting the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and a tour around the Madrid City. It is not only full of fun but also educational.

#2 Pleasure Toys

Giving of unexpected gifts will go a long way to spicing up your friend’s stag party. Sex toys are unusual gifts that will automatically capture the attention of every person at the event. In return, this can raise the mood of the whole party.

In return, your friend will have the best Stag Do party ever. An event that is short of any boredom and uneventful activities. So be ready to pull out some of the unexpected gifts during this function.

#3 Making an enticing speech

This might be the best time to make a speech about your friendship. Come up with an exciting speech that concentrates on some of the memories you share as friends. Make it hilarious in order to keep up the happiness bubble throughout the party. Take this opportunity to thank your best friend and wish him luck on his upcoming wedding.

This will be one of the best ways to show concern to your long-term friend. Besides, it makes him feel appreciated throughout the stag celebrations.

#4 Suggest Interesting Stag Do activities

Stag activities are the best. They are not only full of fun but also present the best way of spending the stag weekend. You can suggest activities like swimming, cocktail making, wine tasting, dancing, visiting various places among many more.

These activities will heighten the mood of the entire party. In addition, they will make every individual part and parcel of the entire celebrations. Since it is your best friend’s party, you will need to be creative. Come up with activity ideas that will make him feel appreciated.

#5 Showcase your exemplary dress code

It is the right time to confirm your rare taste for fashion. Come to the event wearing one of the most extraordinary designed clothes. This will automatically put you at the center stage of the stag celebrations. Besides, it will act as an inspiration for a good number of people.


Being your friend’s Stag celebration, you have no otherwise but to be at your best. Every activity you engage in should be dedicated to making the event a success.

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