Tips For Corporate Travel


Traveling for business is often a part of doing business. If you are doing a lot of corporate travel then you need a few survival tips to your journeys flow. Having a few routines for travelling can make a pleasant trip and an arduous one.

Travel Lite

This is a simple tip for anybody who is traveling for business. But also an easy one to overlook. Plan you packing and pack only what you need. If possible pack everything into your carry-on luggage. This  will save a lot of time at each end of your journey. With careful packing you can carry enough for several days just in your carry on luggage. With no need to check-in luggage at the start of your journey and no need to wait at the carousel for that luggage when you arrive, you will expedite your journey considerably.

Invest In Good Luggage

Travel tip number two is obviously connected to travel to have number one. Having good luggage is the key to packing lightly. It also helps in other ways. When you organise and can easily access the items you need, you will find that life is easier and more convenient. Having secure luggage means you have to worry less about your protecting your goods. Investing in quality hard luggage can be a great investment if you travel frequently.

Join A Rewards Program

If you’re travelling for work you may as well get a personal benefit from it. Accumulating points for each airfare you book, hotel and credit card use, is a great way to give yourself a reward for all your hard effort.

Protect Your Data

It’s easy to overlook this one.. But your work data is some of the most important and valuable items you will carry. And you almost certainly have data with you, whether it is on a phone or a laptop. First up you should invest in a good backup. If you lose your laptop you want to make sure that your documents aren’t lost. You might have cloud based storage, or you might have a total backup solution. Either way, make sure you are protected. You should also invest in a good VPN, so make sure to check out the best vpn for chrome if that’s what you need. Virtual private networks help you stay secure when you are using other people’s WiFi. Finally, consider using encryption. This will make sure that no-one can read your files if your laptop is stolen.

Book An Airport Transfer

Take the hassle out of getting to and from the airport by having a corporate airport transfer service pre-booked. There is nothing like the feeling of seeing your name on a board as you exit the airport gates. The person holding that board is there to take you to a comfortable vehicle which will take you immediately to your destination. They will be there regardless of how the rest of your flight went. If you were delayed for two hours they are still there. If it is late at night they are still there. If it is first thing in the morning they are there. Avoid the uncertainties of Uber or taxis and book yourself an airport transfer.

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