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Tips for Booking a Hotel in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. It’s a popular choice for people who are looking to travel on a budget, and welcomes millions of tourists from all over the globe throughout the year. It is so busy that there are two different airports in Bangkok to handle the influx of tourists. If you are interested in traveling to Bangkok, you need to make sure that everything is arranged beforehand. There are plenty of things that you will have to do before you embark on your journey. Here are a few simple tips for booking a hotel in Bangkok.

What’s the Purpose of Your Visit?

Before you make a booking at any hotel, it’s recommended that you determine the purpose of your visit. If you are just going to relax and lounge around, you should opt for the best accommodations that you can afford. But, if you are traveling to Bangkok because you want to take in the sights and you want to explore the beauty of the city, then you won’t be resting in your bed as much. Therefore, it’s best if you use that money for your experiences and travels and instead decide to opt for less expensive accommodations. If you are looking for decent accommodation in the heart of the city, you should make a booking at Ibis Bangkok. The Ibis network of hotels is one of the largest in all of Southeast Asia, and they have several options to choose from throughout Bangkok. If you are interested in booking a hotel that’s accessible and close to different places within the city, Ibis is a great choice.


You need to understand the prices continue to fluctuate depending upon the time of the year and the overall influx of tourists in the country. If a hotel has higher demand, they will obviously increase the prices. Similarly, if a hotel has lower inflow, they often start offering promotional discounts to their customers. It’s recommended that you check the prices offered by different hotels in the city before you decide to make a booking. Also, instead of making a booking directly through the hotel’s website, it’s best if you check certain third-party sites as well. These websites might be able to give you a discount. It’s a great option for people who are interested in booking an affordable hotel.


Before you make a booking with any hotel, it’s also incredibly important that you check the amenities they have on offer. Does the hotel have a complimentary breakfast, or a swimming pool, or even a fitness center? Many people like to start their day by hitting the gym, and these are basic amenities that you might expect from a local hotel. But, most budget hotels don’t have this at all. Therefore, it’s best to evaluate your options carefully when making a decision. These are just a few things that you should know about booking a hotel in the city.

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Four Tips on How to Find the Best Vacation Home Rental Today

When you set out on a destination vacation to a place such as Bangkok, making sure that you and your loved ones are able to feel safe and comfortable at all times while experiencing all the wonders this new adventure has to offer will be your main priority. Staying in a high-quality home rental can help provide you with just that. These rental properties are designed specifically with your interests in mind, being conveniently located and having everything you could need to have the vacation you’ve always dreamed of. However, while the idea may sound amazing, sometimes finding these ideal rentals can be a bit tricky. Here are the top four tips you should keep in mind that will help you find the best deal for you and your family today.

Wide Range of Options

Every family that chooses to visit Thailand will come with different expectations and needs set in place. A great rental team will understand this and do everything they can to ensure they’re able to cater to each and every one of those needs. This means that they’ll offer a wide range of different rentals in terms of styles, locations, amenities, and more. So, whether you’re looking for a world-class apartment or a little villa right on the water, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be able to find exactly what you were hoping for in no time at all.

Years of Experience

Another important factor that can help ensure you find the best condo for rent near Emquartier will be the amount of experience the team you choose to work with has in the industry. The more time they’ve dedicated to collecting the best rentals in Bangkok, the more confidence you can have that the place they offer you will be everything you need and more.

Options at Every Price

When it comes to finding the ideal rental option, one of the most important factors will be the price. You want to make sure that you work with a team that manages everything from the most basic and most affordable to the most luxurious and high end. That way, when it comes to finding exactly what you’ve been looking for, you can rest easy knowing your team will have a wide range of options in your pricepoint.

Honest and Easy to Work with

Whenever you decide to stay in a private rental home, you want to make sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy and honest establishment. Make sure that you always feel comfortable during your conversations with the rental team and that they’re able to quickly answer any and every question you might have about the property or the surrounding area. A team that takes pride in the work they do will make sure they provide you with the highest standard of service in every way.

Deciding to vacation in Thailand can be one of the most exciting experiences imaginable, and so finding the perfect place to stay can really help take your trip to the next level. Keep these tips in mind and find a vacation rental you’ll love today.

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Ayrshire: A Colourful Glimpse into Scottish History

I doubt there’s a person alive who wasn’t inspired by the epic movie Braveheart, which offered an insight into the brutal world of Medieval Britain, and for many travellers, a visit to an area of Scotland, such as Ayrshire, offers a glimpse into that period, as the natural landscape remains the same today as it was all those centuries ago.

Fortresses and Castles

One can still enjoy the amazing architecture of that time, and finding a small hotel and local restaurant in Ayrshire is all part of the experience. You can sleep in the same room that Robbie Burns once used, and if that isn’t an amazing experience, I don’t know what is!

Turnberry Castle, the birthplace of the famous Scottish King, Robert The Bruce, is a must visit site, where you can learn more about his heroic struggle against the tyrant English ruler, Edward I. Robert The Bruce picked up where William Wallace left off by taking up arms against the invaders, and during his short reign, he managed to:

  • Unite the Scottish Nobles
  • Defeat the English several times
  • Rally the Scottish people

Explore a Unique Landscape

The southwest of Scotland offers the visitor some amazing natural landscapes and is a photographer’s dream that is waiting to be explored. Local inns and restaurants offer authentic Scottish hospitality at its very best, and by doing a little online research prior to your arrival, you will have a better understanding of the events that occurred all those years ago in this unique part of Scotland.

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Would You Like to Stay in Bromsgrove?

If you enjoy holidaying in the UK, you will love the Birmingham area. Some of the local hotels, in particular, will allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Whilst you can participate in the excitement of the city, you can also escape to a cosy and quiet getaway.

Obtain a Whole New Lease on Life

If you want to make sure that this goal is realised, you should book accommodation at a local hotel in Bromsgrove. Doing so will give you a whole new lease on life and will make your Birmingham stay even more enjoyable.

For example, you can enjoy the following amenities when you book the right hotel:

  • Beautiful and peaceful acreage around the hotel
  • Inviting rooms that feature the latest in technologies
  • Lovely decors that help take you mind off the stresses of the day
  • High-quality rooms that feature breakfast for double occupancy, single occupancy, or family stays

Make Plans to Book a Room Now

Once you have your mind set to visit Birmingham, also make plans to book a room in Bromsgrove for yourself, your significant other, or your family. Doing so will make your trip more exciting and allow your holiday in the UK to turn into fun and meaningful memories.

When booking a room, you should consider the location (s it close to the city you are visiting?), the nearby transportation, and ease of access. If you want to take a walk instead of drive, you should be able to do so. After all, it is your holiday. If you want to escape stress, you need to make sure that your hotel supports peaceful activities.

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5 Cool Ways to Spice Up Your Best Friend’s Stag Do

The aim of a Stag Do party is to maximize the fun. It is an event usually packed with groom friends and they will try to do a recap of some of the memories they hold dear. You definitely should evoke old but also to make new ones.

In fact, you ought to be on the forefront of spicing up the stag party. Especially if it has been organized by your friends. Here are some of the things you can engage in to enhance the mood in this party:

#1 Visiting a cool destination

There are a number of cities or countries that you can take your best friend to for his stag weekend. One of the preferred places in Madrid. This is a city-endorsed with remarkable sites and fun activities to engage in.

You can capitalize on Madrid Stag do activities in order to make the stag weekend worthwhile. These activities include visiting the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and a tour around the Madrid City. It is not only full of fun but also educational.

#2 Pleasure Toys

Giving of unexpected gifts will go a long way to spicing up your friend’s stag party. Sex toys are unusual gifts that will automatically capture the attention of every person at the event. In return, this can raise the mood of the whole party.

In return, your friend will have the best Stag Do party ever. An event that is short of any boredom and uneventful activities. So be ready to pull out some of the unexpected gifts during this function.

#3 Making an enticing speech

This might be the best time to make a speech about your friendship. Come up with an exciting speech that concentrates on some of the memories you share as friends. Make it hilarious in order to keep up the happiness bubble throughout the party. Take this opportunity to thank your best friend and wish him luck on his upcoming wedding.

This will be one of the best ways to show concern to your long-term friend. Besides, it makes him feel appreciated throughout the stag celebrations.

#4 Suggest Interesting Stag Do activities

Stag activities are the best. They are not only full of fun but also present the best way of spending the stag weekend. You can suggest activities like swimming, cocktail making, wine tasting, dancing, visiting various places among many more.

These activities will heighten the mood of the entire party. In addition, they will make every individual part and parcel of the entire celebrations. Since it is your best friend’s party, you will need to be creative. Come up with activity ideas that will make him feel appreciated.

#5 Showcase your exemplary dress code

It is the right time to confirm your rare taste for fashion. Come to the event wearing one of the most extraordinary designed clothes. This will automatically put you at the center stage of the stag celebrations. Besides, it will act as an inspiration for a good number of people.


Being your friend’s Stag celebration, you have no otherwise but to be at your best. Every activity you engage in should be dedicated to making the event a success.

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Resorts In Dandeli That Are Recommended By Travel Experts

Dandelappa is a local deity which has inspired the area’s name to be Dandeli. But, there is also another side to its naming which is that the name of the place was based on King Dandakanayaka who passed through the forests of that area. So, you can already see that this place has some strong historical references.

If you are a nature lover, birder, adventure seeker and wildlife enthusiast then you must plan your trip to Dandeli town located in the western Indian state of Karnataka. Dandeli has much to offer to the visitors who visit from around the world. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Supa Dam, Kali River, Dandakaranya Eco Park, Syntheri Rocks and Kavala Caves are some of the major attractions in or near Dandeli. The natural beauty and wildlife of Dandeli will steal your heart away.

October – December is the best time to plan a trip to Dandeli. During this time Dandeli receives a great rush of people from around the world. This time is best for exploring the wildlife, enjoying the glimpses of unique birds, trying various adventurous activities and visiting various major attractions in Dandeli.

There are a lot of resorts near Dandeli for a comfortable and convenient stay. For this purpose, you can check online the list of resorts in Dandeli. It is wise to book the resorts beforehand so that you can easily get the stay accommodation of your choice. You should always prefer those resorts or hotels which are in close proximity to the major attractions in Dandeli as it saves a lot of time and money.

You can also check various resorts in or near Dandeli that have been recommended by the travel experts. Here you go:

Magenta Century Resort

Magenta Century Resort is one of the best resorts in Dandeli and positioned at a beautiful location. This place lets you enjoy some quality and memorable time with your family or friends. Magenta Century Resort provides various accommodation options including rooms, tents and cottages to the visitors for a wonderful stay. Magenta Century Resort also provides a room for various adventurous activities. This resort has been recommended by a lot of travel experts.

Hornbill River Resort

Hornbill River Resort is a famous stay accommodation near Dandeli. It is a beautiful riverside resort with eco-friendly stay accommodation. If you want to live very close to nature then you should go for Hornbill River Resort. Hornbill River Resort provides tent house, tree house and cottages. This best resort gives an opportunity of spending some memorable time with the family and friends. You can enjoy various sports activities here including water rafting and more. This resort might offer you glimpses of a rich variety of birds so do not forget to take the binoculars with you.

Bison River Resort

Bison River Resort is located at the distance of 20 km from Dandeli. This resort is nestled on the banks of the magnificent Kali River. From the Bison River Resort, tourists can have the panoramic view of the river. This resort has wonderful rooms for stay with a balcony from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the river. The resort also has a restaurant which provides multiple cuisines. The resort provides all the required amenities for your comfort and gives you a feeling of home away from home. Bison River Resort also provides the adventure of white water rafting on the beautiful Kali River. The sound of this river is so rejuvenating that it freshens you in the morning.

White Water Living Resort

White Water Living Resort is a resort beside the Kali River. This resort is nestled at a beautiful location and surrounded by old green trees. Jacuzzi bath, raft ride, swimming, zorbing, river crossing, jungle trekking and bird watching are the activities that you can enjoy while being at White Water Living Resort. Supa dam, syntheri rock, backwater view and vincholi rapids are some of the major attractions that you can visit for sightseeing near White Water Living Resort Dandeli. From this resort, you enjoy the view of magnificent Kali River which looks milky white in colour. This resort is an ideal stay location for bird watchers so do not forget to take the binoculars.


Dandeli has much to offer to the tourists. Dandeli is a place for the nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, birders, adventure seekers and photographers.

There are a lot of resorts available in or near Dandeli for an affordable and luxurious stay. Browse resorts near Dandeli; you will get a list of the list of resorts in Dandeli. You should book your resort beforehand as sometimes, later on, it becomes hard to get a stay of choice.

Have a wonderful stay at Dandeli amidst wildlife and natural beauty with your family or friends!

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Country House Hotels: from north to south to discover the beauties of Italy

Enjoy the green side of Italy: if for you the holidays mean tranquility and nature, the country house hotels in Italy are the ideal solution for your next dream vacation.

These small eco-friendly facilities will allow you to be in close contact with nature, to take a relaxing break away from stress and, if you are curious to know more about the area, to go hiking to explore the surroundings and discover medieval villages and cultural and architectural works of great interest.

If you love food and typical products of places that you do not know, food and wine tours are absolutely recommended during your stay.

Are you curious to find out what are the best country house hotels in Italy for your next vacation? Here are some suggestions to find charming structures in the most fascinating rural areas of Italy.

A structure that we strongly recommend to visit is without a doubt the Castello of Granarola, an ancient and evocative medieval castle turned into a country house hotel after a renovation of 10 years completed just a short time ago.

Here, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, in the beautiful Marche region, you will be able to enjoy your holiday of relaxation, peace and nature. This country house hotel was born in fact among the hills of the Marche region and is located a short distance from a series of artistic and cultural attractions not to be missed, such as the village of Casteldimezzo, the church of Sant’Apollinare, the Gradara and much more.

The rooms of this country house hotel have been renovated with full respect for the architectural beauty of the historic residence. Within this accommodation you will not find rooms but real apartments, ten in total, all unique in their kind and furnished with taste and elegance keeping some old elements in iron, wood and stone. All environments are surrounded by spectacular oaks and you can relax by swimming in the pool (also suitable for children and infants), sunbathing or practicing activities such as painting, horse riding or golf.

Among the various country houses hotels in Italy that deserve to be visited, in Liguria we suggest La Cabana, a structure located in a breathtaking place like the Cinque Terre whose park is a UNESCO heritage.

The Cabana will win you over at first glance. Ancient country house surrounded by olive trees and vineyards, from its beautiful terrace guests can enjoy a breathtaking view that allows you to admire indescribable sunsets and the sea of the coast.

The rooms, ten in total, are all elegantly furnished with curtains and fine furniture. In spring and summer, when weather conditions permit, you can enjoy the excellent and rich breakfast on the veranda overlooking a view that leaves you breathless.

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How to Hire Linen for Your Hotel

If you currently run a hotel, or have any experience in the hotel industry, you will know that your success in sourcing quality linen can make or break your establishment. From the many bed coverings you will require to the tablecloths required in your onsite restaurant, the right linen is key to keeping your customers happy, and in turn guaranteeing their repeat custom.

If you’re looking to replace your tired linen or you’re just about to open the doors to your new hotel, this guide will provide an overview of the steps you should be taking and what you should be looking for when hiring high quality linen.

Linen Hire Companies

The ability to hire linen has been available for decades with many in the hospitality industry considering it a much more cost effective and efficient option than buying outright. The reasons for this are numerous, and when you get into the detail, make perfect sense.

  • Hiring linen represents a relatively small ongoing operating cost that can be easily and quickly quantified, helping you to budget effectively.
  • The purchase of large quantities of linen represents a considerable capital outlay, one which will need to be made every five years or so.
  • Storing linen onsite requires a considerable amount of suitable space, something which is usually at a premium, especially with smaller establishments.
  • Laundering your linen on site will of course require a suitable laundry setup which will need to consist of several commercial washing machines as well as drying facilities and fabric presses.

We’ve only provided you with a few of the many reasons that hiring linen is so popular but you should be able to form a picture of the pros and cons of both options. We should also say that hiring linen can be done through several companies that operate across the country who of course offer a pickup and delivery service. Stalbridge Linen provide laundry services for businesses in the hospitality industry all over the UK but there are several others who provide similar services so you won’t be short of choice. Simply perform a web search to find the nearest provider in your local area.

Consider Your Brand

The first thing you will need to do when hiring linen is make an assessment of your hotels brand. Are you well known within the industry? Do you have a large presence within your locality? These are questions you will need to answer as your brand image is just as important as your service offering.

If your business features a prominent logo, it might be a good idea to showcase it on the linen you use for your hotel rooms in the way of bed linen and towels. Subtle touches like these can go a long way to reminding your guests why they’re there and what keeps them coming back.

In addition, if your business features a prominent colour scheme, it would be a great idea to incorporate this into your choice of linen. For example, white linen with a colour band in the colour of your branding scheme provides a nice touch without going overboard.

Your linen provider will usually be more than happy to take your personalised requests into account when providing you with linen. There will be several options in stock which you can customise or you may even be able to create your own from scratch.

Decide on Quantity of Linen Required

This step should be relatively simple and is based upon the size of your establishment. You will need to make a note of the number of rooms you have as well as the seating provision within your onsite restaurant. If you require linen for your kitchen or cleaning staff’s uniforms, also take this number into account.

Once you have the total figures, you will need to add a percentage uplift based upon your usual replacement rates. Accidents happen and bed clothes and tablecloths often need to be replaced with clean ones much sooner than anticipated. For this reason, you will need to keep a sufficient number of spares on site to cover every eventuality.

Decide on Your Schedule

Linen providers are flexible and can adapt to suit your needs. Your linen will be delivered, picked up and laundered on a schedule to suit you. This may be weekly, or even more frequently depending on your individual requirements.

You will need to take into account your typical occupancy levels throughout the year to help you arrive at a suitable schedule. Busy times of the year may require a more frequent replacement service but quieter times could see your linen delivery being reduced to once a fortnight.

It is important to remember that you can always adjust your order if your requirements change. The initial quantities are never set in stone because your needs will constantly change as you become accustomed to receiving your deliveries. In this case, most linen providers will simply ask that you get in touch with your account manager to make the necessary adjustments to your order. There will be no penalty and the only price you will pay is for the additional linen.

Linen Expertise

Now that you have all of the important information to hand, you can go ahead and place your first order. One of the most beneficial aspects of linen hire that most customers cite is the ability to leave this vital part of their business to the experts. Not only will this provide you with peace of mind, it will also reduce your overheads as you will no longer have the large utility bills associated with laundering such large quantities of linen hanging over your business.

As we mentioned, the quality, cleanliness and presentation of your businesses linen is what will separate you from the competition. If your establishment is going for one of the many awards available to those within the hospitality industry, you can guarantee that your linen will be a vital aspect of your overall score.

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Stay in Bangkok a Better Way with a Luxury Hotel Located Near Transit Hubs and Tourist Attractions

Whether you’re planning to spend “One Night in Bangkok” or many, the city itself remains one of the hottest attractions for tourists looking to visit Asia. A vibrant city with a rich history, Bangkok is also one of Asia’s financial capitals, and as a centre of international commerce and exchange, it has a distinctly global, multicultural flavour to it while still remaining distinctly Thai. In a country with 69 million people, 14 million of them live in Bangkok, making it demographically and culturally Thailand’s biggest beacon by far on the world stage.

Tourists know that. They come to Bangkok expecting to see all the shrines and nightclubs and dining that has made the city the global powerhouse it is today. With so many tourists looking to see the sights in Bangkok, you’re naturally going to want to get a jump on the competition. For those savvy enough to look for a Bangkok hotel near tourist attractions, this quick guide can help you get started.

Location, Location, Location

It’s critical to note that the first rule of real estate applies to hotel hunting as well–it’s all about location, location, location. You’ve already made the decision to seek out a hotel near tourist attractions, which is a good first step. Those attractions can see untold visitors per year, which in turn make traffic in and around them dense and difficult. Finding a hotel located near them is a good idea.

Bangkok is an old city, with tourist attractions and hidden gems around every corner. It would be impossible to find a hotel that is located near all of them. An even better idea, therefore, is to find a hotel that is located near one of Bangkok’s metros or other public transit arteries, allowing you to zip across town with ease from one attraction to another, while ensuring that the ride home will leave you only a short walk from your hotel room.

Balancing Economy and Class

In addition, you’re going to want to make sure that you pick out a room that meets your size needs and meets your standard of living. Nobody wants to fly halfway around the world to spend their vacation crammed in a tiny room. The best hotels in Bangkok are centrally located near transit hubs like BTS Station, which can take you to tourist attractions, or sections of Bangkok’s bustling nightlife, such as the Emporium Shopping Centre, and feature rooms that reflect that life of luxury. Spacious and luxurious, these hotels are affordable as well as elegant. In addition, they feature everything from world-class bars and restaurants to stunning views of the city.

Stay in Bangkok a better way with the best hotels in the city today.

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Find The Natural Destination With The Cheapest Hotel In Malang

Malang is one of the city located in east Java Indonesia. Malang is famous as education city. It’s Cause there are many big and famous universities, like Brawijaya university, Malang state university, Muhamadiyah malang university, and others. Not only famous as the education city, but also has become known as a tourist destination. If you want a vacation in Malang, we will give you some alternatives cheap hotel in malang that will definitely be useful to you while on vacation here. It’s the cheapest one, so you not to worry anymore.

Actually, there are many interesting tourism objects in Malang. From nature tourism objects such as the mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and others. Artificial tourism object in Malang also quite popular, educational tourism, ecotourism is also there. In Malang there are several heritage sites singosari royal in the past. That know from historical heritage by Singosari temple, Sumber awan temple as well as a Kendedes bathing place and Watugede bathing place. Not only that, there are several other temples located in Malang. Batu Town is a tourism city that many visitors visit during the holidays arrive. A lot of tourists from Malang regions or from out of town who come to spend their holiday there. Now there’s even a few foreign tourists who touring in Malang. This is not surprising, because now this Malang especially rock area is being developed into a national tourist destination and international scale. So the Indonesian people have more alternatives for destinations other than Bali, Jogjakarta, Lombok, and others. In order to achieve this Malang city government also seeks to improve facilities, transportation and accommodation in the Malang area. It is know from many new hotels in the there, the hotel is provides accommodation to the tourists.

While on vacation we would have to prepare a lot of things, from choosing a tourist destination, transportation, accommodation, food, as well as the costs required. In the Malang, there are a lot of the hotel with a class that is different from the regular hotel until a 2-star hotel to a 5-star hotel. The classification is based on the completeness of the accommodation facilities provided in each hotel. For you who want to save money, you should choose a regular hotel like jasmine-class hotel. The room is not too extensive, but still comfortable to be a place to stay during the tour. Usually in budget hotels also provide facilities like breakfast, it depends on the rate charged. The rate is certainly very affordable and more efficient than having stayed in the star hotel. If you have more buget, it never hurts to stay in star hotels. 2-star hotel or 3-star hotel in Malang is provided facilities and the accommodation was very satisfying for you who are traveling. The price offered is relatively more expensive but the facilities which you receive will make you satisfied. That’s a little review on the cheap hotels in Malang. Let’s enjoy in the natural and wonderful city.